Essential Oil Hack! How Lemongrass Oil Can Help You with Seasonal Allergies and Letting Go of “Shoulds.”

Feeling like you should be doing more than you can manage right now?  Lemongrass is an awesome Essential Oil to use this time of year because from an emotional perspective, it can help you overcome what I call “the shoulds.” It’s the start to the school year, the Jewish new year, and the time when you […]

Essential Oil Relief for Cold and Allergies!

Feeling like it’s a challenge these days to feel healthy? Experiencing sinus pressure from allergies? So many people are suffering from colds! And, the pollen counts have been remarkably high this year, causing suffering for many people with seasonal allergies. I had a sinus headache that lasted for two days last week, so I wanted […]

Why Saying “No” is Good for Everyone

Why saying, “No” is good for everyone. In my last introduction class, one of the class participants welled up with tears as she told the class what she wanted in the area of love and relationship. She wanted to feel more confident about believing she could successfully integrate into her boyfriend’s family. She was in […]