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My mom crossed over into spirit Friday, Sept 18th, on her mom’s, my grandmother’s birthday. I am sure it was an amazing birthday present for my grandmother to be with her daughter again. The weekend we found out mom’s cancer had spread rapidly, and the inevitable next step was hospice, I asked her if she was afraid to die, and she said, “No, I will get to see my family again”

I am grateful to have been raised with such strong spiritual faith. It was my mother who fed me books, when I was just a teen, about spirituality, positive thinking and the power they can give you. Through these books, and her encouragement, she taught me – If you have faith in your connection to the Divine and all that is, you can do anything you set your mind to. Mom encouraged my brother and I to follow our hearts and to do what we loved. She drove us to games and ballet classes, so we could find our passions.

When my father suggested I go to school to get an accounting degree, and I cringed, my mom supported my love of dance and convinced my dad that if you did something that made you happy for a living, the money would come. When I look at my journey and how I got to where I am now, from dance to fitness training to rehabilitative exercise to energy healing, she was right.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”
― Dale Carnegie

Back when we were discussing what I wanted to be when I grew up, no one even knew energy healing existed. Who knew following her advice and pursuing one interest after another would lead me to where I am now. I am grateful to be helping so many people and to love my job. Thanks Mom!

Who knew my mom was instilling in us one of the most important secrets to success and happiness. I still had to let go of many fears and put in the hours to learn the tools and to gain the confidence in my ability to help my clients, and energy work helped me overcome them.

I worked with my fears of failure, being alone and not being good enough by balancing my 1st and 2nd chakras, which represent
Your life force/energy (Root Chakra) – Survival verses Unity, Belief: I am One with All that Is.

Your creativity (Womb Chakra)-Expectations/Appreciation, Belief: I am complete within myself.

I knew what I loved, I just worked at remembering my connection to all that is and becoming complete within myself.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

― Joseph Campbell

Working with your chakras can help put you on your bliss trail, and help you better see just how supported and connected you really are.

Thanks Mom for pointing me in the right direction and giving me my inner trail map. All that I have learned from this work and being in the thick of it with my mom’s illness, has been huge for me. I don’t know where I would have been during this stressful, sad time without having this work to help pull me through…

Because this work has so helped me, I want it to help you too — I want to help you find your way whenever you feel lost, just think about what you love about your life, then see if you can tap into the power of your creativity and connection to all that is by working with the first and second chakras.

You can repeat the bolded statements above as you as you relax into the positions below. This is a wonderful, relaxing exercises to do at night before bed.

Place left hand over your forehead, with a pillow under your elbow, so you don’t have to hold your arm up, and can relax into this position. Place your right hand on the first chakra as you continue to think about or say the phrase: “I am One with All That IS” Leave your hand on the chakra and repeat the phrase, until you feel pulses between both hands, or you feel a release somewhere in your body, like an exhale or a yawn.


chakra1Place left hand over your forehead, with a pillow under your elbow, so you don’t have to hold your arm up, and can relax into this position. Place your right hand on the 2nd chakra, as you continue to think about or say the phrase; “I am Complete.”Leave your hand on the chakra and repeat the phrase, until you feel pulses between both hands, or you feel a release somewhere in your body, like an exhale or a yawn.

And, to delve deeper, realize and to let go of whatever beliefs may be keeping you from living into the life you love, I am doing the final LIVE chakra essential oils class in just two weeks. This is the last oil class I’m doing this year. AND, I’m also doing something a bit different – you asked for it — so I want to deliver— I’m finally offering this class ONLINE!

The online class will be 2 nights at 2 hours each with an additional 30 minutes for Q & A . It will have all the same material as the live class, it just will be online. You can either come pick up your oils before the class or we can mail them to you for a small shipping fee.

Here are the core details for both classes:
LIVE Essential Oils Class
Date: Saturday October 3, 2015
Time: 11am – 5pm
Place: The Lara Touch Studio 170 E 61st, btwn 3rd and Lex, 2nd Floor (Buzzer #5)

ONLINE Essential Oils Class
DATES: Monday, October 5 & Monday, October 12
Time: 7-9:30pm (2 hours plus a 30 minute Q&A)
Place: Online – we will send all the details with link to join online

Come discover what limiting beliefs you have learned from your parents about money, well being, career, happiness, love, relationships and self esteem, and clear them from your chakra system, so you can give yourself the vitality, space and emotional freedom to live your own life on your terms!

Plus, discover the energizing and grounding power of essential oils and get:

  • Spruce oil to stimulate and energize the Adrenals and Kidney meridian for an immediate energy boost anywhere any time! (VALUE $12.99)
  • 7 oils to help clear energy from your 7 chakras. Doing this clearing and meditation will help you release just about any emotional stress or block, as it allows you to tap into the energy centers, which hold old emotional patterns. You will discover how well this 10 minute exercise works to let go of emotional patterns which are keeping you stuck and the video to be able to duplicate the results on your own for other issues. (VALUE $49.99)

The total value of the oils alone is $62.98! And, my workshops alone are $149, but I am extending a special offer from the event I did last time to my list, so you can get all the oils and videos, AND an entire day of interactive discovery with me, which would normally be $149 for JUST $97!!!!!! That’s a savings of $52!

So whether you join me LIVE or ONLINE, the experience and what you will discover and take away will be the same! Now you have a choice to sign up for the class that works best within your schedule.

Just know – these classes are still extremely limited in how many people can join. I like to keep these classes small so everyone can benefit from hands on specific help. The LIVE class is almost sold out- we have just a few spaces left! IF you know you want to be with me live October 3 – SIGN UP NOW!

And the ONLINE class is already filling up too – so please don’t wait to sign up. Since this is the last time I’m teaching this class in 2015, I don’t want you to miss out and be disappointed for not being able to get in.

I can’t wait to see you and work with you to help you by clearing past energies which no longer serve you from your chakras, can alleviate physical pain, emotional distress and free you up to make the changes you want to initiate in your life.

Much love, bliss and happiness,

P.S. Here’s what a few of my past attendees had to say about this class— (Remember, these classes will sell out and I don’t want you to be kicking yourself for missing out — for more info and to sign up – Visit the Essential Oil Chakra Balancing Workshop Page

I was hesitant about taking this Oils Workshop, because I’m also a healer and was concerned that you might be a scam, and concerned about spending the money. What surprised me is that in the workshop I learned what oil works best for each chakra! And also because it was a small group, I loved the individual attention for my specific issues. I felt really safe to express myself which is huge for me because I’m shy. And I los really enjoyed meeting like-minded people. This class really helped me move through my money issues, my career and also gave me some insight into why I’m still single.Christine Rupprecht, Writer/Actor/Producer, New York, NY


Being on Lara’s email list, I get so much terrific information and things I can do to really help me, relieve stress, healing certain issues. So when I saw the email about this workshop, I had to come. It would be the chance to discover more about oils, my chakras and how it can help my own healing. I’m so glad I took the class! It definitely helped me recognize some issues I was still having. And now I have the oils and know the processes in order to release these things and balance my chakras. I would totally recommend this course!Shannon McCaffery, SoulfulVisionMarketing.com, Richmond, VA



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