Thanks And Inspiration for You!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for being you! You have touched my heart and filled my life with purpose! Thank you for being beautiful, honest, open, loving, forward thinking, kind, inspiring, helpful, encouraging, and true! Grateful for you! I wish you all the magic that you are! Seth Godin sent out a  Thanksgiving Reader a few


How The Lunar Eclipse Might Be Affecting You

Eclipses represent portals of transformation and awakening. They tend to bring fated events into our lives that help to elevate the evolution and growth of our soul. These transformations and awakenings may be quick and sudden, or they may be slow and linger for the weeks and months to come. The Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse


11:11! Don’t miss this Powerful Manifesting Moment Today!

This is your moment! 11/11, 11:11  In numerology, repeating numbers are considered Master Numbers and thought to have a higher vibration that connect you to spirit guides, guardian angels, Universal Consciousness, Source, whatever Higher Power you acknowledge. The number 1 is the number of creation. Your first chakra, the root chakra, connects you to Source


How To Bring More Grace And Love Into Your Life

All of a sudden I was crying uncontrollably and had no idea why. I tried to hold in my sobs, so I wouldn’t be disruptive and call attention to myself. Here I was in the middle of this sweet, spiritual gathering, literally ugly crying and unable to stop. We were singing Amazing Grace.  As the song

lara riggio

Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.


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