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Instead of looking at physical pain or emotional stress as a threat to your well-being, I look at it as an opportunity to get stronger and to become happier.

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Your body’s involuntary reactions can cause nagging back or neck pain that keeps you from playing your favorite sport or from living comfortably. Want to get to the bottom of what’s causing your pain?

Yes! I want to feel better!

Your daily habits could be causing longer term problems.
Is your first point of focus in the morning your phone? Feel like you are always catching up? Having trouble relaxing or sleeping? Got tension or TMJ?
Who’s driving your life, you or your stress?

Do it all with greater ease!

Your unconscious reactions could be stopping you from having the life you envisioned. Sick and tired of attracting the wrong guys? Feeling stuck or unsatisfied in your career?
Drained, because you are taking care of everyone else with no time left for you?

YES! I want more joy & love!


Lara has helped me in many ways. She’s my go-to person when I need to shift emotionally or energetically. After feeling exhausted due to adrenal fatigue, after one session with Lara, combined with the exercises she suggested, I felt significantly better in just one week. Her exercises helped me reduce chronic knee pain from a level 7 to 0. She does truly amazing work and is the one to go to when you don’t know who to go to! For energy and emotionally healing she’s my first choice.
Patricia MorenoFounder of Spiritual Fitness
Patricia Moreno
I’ve worked with many body and energy healers in my life, but WOW! I knew Lara, but I didn’t know all she could do until she pulled me and my body out of a debilitating migraine headache at a retreat we were both attending. Amazed, I went for another session, and she blew me away again by helping me uncover a deep desire and clear the fear that had been holding me back from realizing it. She’s the real deal. So glad to know someone like her exists, a real body whisperer.
Alexandra JamiesonWellness Expert, Author, TV Personality
Alexandra Jamieson
I had been suffering daily with symptoms of avoidance, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression when Lara was recommended to me. All of my fears disappeared once we started working together. Lara’s calm, confident, supremely competent guidance, coupled with unmatched compassion, allowed me to walk away with effective coping skills that helped calm me down during panic attacks and other stressful situations.
Chad AlthiserVeteran in both Afghanistan and Iraq
Chad Althiser
I thought I didn’t have a choice but to have surgery, since I was no longer willing to live in pain. The morning of my second opinion I went to see Lara; she was able to quickly assess the muscular compensations and the emotional stress driving my pain. Just three sessions later, I was pain free, had my flexibility back, and had a new outlook and life direction as well!
JoAnn GwynnPresident Raven Events
JoAnn Gwynn
A few years before the end of my major-league baseball career, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk. Surgery was a success, but I never fully recovered. Pain was a constant factor and I had flexibility limitations that kept me from being able to bend at the waist. A decade of frustration was erased after just two sessions with Lara Riggio. The day after my first session, I woke up without pain for the first time in over twenty years.
Terry “Tito” LandrumFormer St. Louis Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole, LA Dodger
Terry “Tito” Landrum
When I found Lara, I was not walking, no longer working, and my physical and emotional state was in bad shape. Lara helped me stay positive while we rebuilt my body. With a clear mind, an open heart, and an energized body, I found my way back to the stage in Hair on the West End in London. There is no one like her who does what she does, and I am eternally grateful for her guidance!
Allison Case,Broadway, TV & Film Actress
 Allison Case,
While playing ball in high school, I fractured one of my lumbar vertebrae. My low back was a constant source of frustration. Over the last ten years, my situation worsened. Pain prohibited me from running and from playing basketball or golf. Sitting in a car for more than an hour also triggered my symptoms. I had been seeing a chiropractor for three years and had received minimal relief. After four MAT sessions with Lara, I started playing hoops again, driving to and from the Hamptons weekly, golfing frequently, and began to run long distances again!
Stephen SelverInvestment Banker NYC
 Stephen Selver
Lara is a deeply caring person who will not quit until she has found just what works for you. Thanks to her tremendous knowledge of various techniques, I have found relief with injuries and physical limitations that keep me from doing the things I love to do. After wasting tons of time and money going to doctor after doctor without receiving much relief, I found Lara, who always gets to the root of the issue and fixes things quickly.
Tessa KeimesActress & Personal Trainer
Tessa Keimes
A week before I was supposed to run the New York City Marathon, my right knee hurt constantly. After a long run, my entire right leg would go numb and my right hip would start hurting. After waking up each morning, it would take four or five hours before I could walk normally. Lara saw me limping through the gym and she insisted on helping me. She worked with me for about an hour and a half. When she was finished, my knee pain was gone, and the numbness had disappeared. I ran the marathon completely pain-free.
Julian StanciuRunner and Personal Trainer
 Julian Stanciu
As my business was rapidly growing, I found myself working all the time, feeling overwhelmed and drained. Lara helped me take my life back by getting me in touch with what I wanted in my life and my business. Lara helps me stay grounded, balanced and connected to my heart’s desires.
Selena SooPublicity and business strategist, Creator of ‘Impacting Millions’
 Selena Soo
Lara has helped me transform my relationship to stress. Situations which would have
gotten to me in the past no longer phase me. Learning how to calm myself with her magical exercises and transform unproductive narratives, she has helped me become a happier person and business owner all around.
Kate DuffCEO, Vizability
Kate Duff
I went to see Lara during a very challenging time in my life and our work together was a game changer for me. In the last decade, I have referred many of my psychotherapy clients to Lara, with amazing results. I have never known a more intuitive healer who can quickly and accurately get to the core issue and offer real solutions. Do yourself a favor and work with Lara. You will thank me!
Terri ColeLicensed Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert
Terri Cole
I’ve worked in the alpha male banking world for 15 years. When I started out, I did my best to become ‘one of the boys’. Miserable and knowing that it wasn’t working for me – I was lucky enough to find Lara. Lara helped me to get in touch with and trust both my inner voice and feminine intuition. Changing my approach and following my instincts helped me connect dots, be more creative, and bring people together to create win-win solutions. I now see my feminine sensibilities are valued; they are an asset versus an impediment.
Amy AhoInvestment Banker
Amy Aho
Lara taught me how to speed up the healing process during cardiovascular rehab. She reduced the intensity of my cramps and helped me sleep through the night after the surgeries. She helped change my negative belief patterns associated with guilt and anger. Lara helped me reflect on the years of over-eating and address some emotionally challenging events that replayed unconsciously throughout my life. She taught me how to change the way I think about food and physical fitness. Lara taught me how to keep myself energized so I could return to work sooner and regain my life. With her patience, amazing skill, and talent, Lara has taught me how to live a happier, healthier life.
Linda LaundraTV Director and Writer
Linda Laundra

Hi, I’m Lara

Hi I’m Lara,

And one of my favorite things in the world is hearing a client  say, “Definitely better,” as they retest a previously painful motion, or a reader of my blog writes in telling me their tension and anxiety has been lifted. 

I am a believer in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and to actualize. Witnessing physical proof of this day in and day out only strengthens my belief in your ability to heal or to have what you want, even when it seems impossible…

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