Whether a friend referred you or you found one of my videos or articles online, I am so excited you are here, so I can help you expand your idea of what is possible. 

This site is full of tips and exercises that can help you overcome what’s stopping you, but before you dive in, I want to share a concept that could alter your life forever.

Life is moving faster and faster. 

Most of us don’t take the time to understand how we are feeling physically or emotionally, until we are forced to slow down by an injury or a life upset. Think about it, we generally don’t make changes in our lives until something is wrong. This is the sweet spot. Looking at what is wrong can make your body and your life feel way more right. 

And this is how I began my career in the healing arts – I learned Muscle Activation Technique because it relieved chronic sciatica, and ended years of pain in one session. 

When I developed chronic fatigue after a stressful period of intense travel and dealing with a family health issue, Eden Energy Medicine Exercises gave me my full energy back in just two months, after I had been suffering for years and had tried different doctors and diets with little relief. 

When I realized EEM and other energy techniques affected mood and emotions in addition to pain and fatigue,  I started exploring all the far reaching implications and applications of these mind body modalities. And, I credit this work with ending the 10 year emotional rollercoaster of being single and clearing the unconscious fears that were keeping me from being married. 

My husband is nothing I ever expected and everything I dreamed. And, we would never be together today, if I hadn’t discovered and released my fears about trusting men with this work.  

The same way you can train your body to lift heavier weights or to run a marathon, you can train it to 

  • relax in previously uncomfortable situations
  • sleep better
  • have more energy during low points in your day
  • curb cravings
  • react differently to family 
  • feel less shy or vulnerable with love interests
  • improve your relationship with your boss 
  • cultivate more fulfilling friendships
  • feel more self confident 

Every moment your body and psyche are reacting to your world.
Your choices or rote reactions determine how you feel, how you perform and how people react to you.

This work can help you recognize your stressors, your unconscious muscular and emotional reactions to those stressors and help you retrain those responses to better support your health and your desires-

  • For me, discovering and clearing my unconscious fears about men was the difference between feeling shy around attractive men and being able to flirt.
  • For a gal in one of my group programs, resolving an ancestral energy block opened up the space for her loving husband to find her, after years of attracting guys who were emotionally unavailable.
  • For a reader of my blog, doing the exercise in my Finding Peace After Terrorism blog helped her calm her anxieties, so she could relax and be present at school verses struggle with stress all day. 
  • For a recent client, doing a glute isometric after she had been sitting at her desk for long periods helped her overcome back pain! 

This is why I do what I do. 

It warms my heart to know my online videos, classes, and private sessions have helped tens of thousands of people all over the world overcome their physical and emotional limitations and find a new strength within themselves. Their stories have made me a believer in the power of the human body and spirit to evolve beyond physical, mental and emotional limitations.

I am dedicated to helping you see how your pain could uncover your potential and your struggles create new strengths. 

This work continually surprises me by expanding my idea of what’s possible. I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be “a healer.” I hate that term because it’s not me, but your body doing the healing. I simply had issues that were tough to solve, and I found (and learned) some amazing ways to heal them and to feel better in my body and happier in my life. 

My wish is for you to know firsthand how impossible situations can just be disguised possibilities to feel better and to be happier! 

May you have energy in your step and joy in your heart,


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