Essential Oil Hack! How Lemongrass Oil Can Help You with Seasonal Allergies and Letting Go of “Shoulds.”


Feeling like you should be doing more than you can manage right now? 
Lemongrass is an awesome Essential Oil to use this time of year because from an emotional perspective, it can help you overcome what I call “the shoulds.” It’s the start to the school year, the Jewish new year, and the time when you can sign yourself up to do too much because you think you “should” do it verses really wanting to. The oil exercise below done with or without the actual oil can help you let go of “shoulds” and set better boundaries with your schedule. This exercise coupled with my pal Terri Cole’s Free Boundary Boot Camp Masterclass happening tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th at 12:00 PM EST is an incredible combination for making sure you don’t sign yourself up for a stressful fall. In this free class, Terri shares masterful tips for creating easy boundaries and shares beautiful boundary language that can help you set boundaries with ease! 
Gets some tips on how you can keep your schedule your own because coupled with all the demands for your time, seasonal allergies can be a stressor right now too! Another great reason why I chose Lemongrass Oil, as the featured oil of the month! 
It can also help with seasonal allergies because it can:
  • Help reduce inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase the effectiveness of your lymph system to move toxins out of your body!
Check out this exercise which shows how to use it for allergy relief, and to let go of those stressful “shoulds.”

Much Love, Peace and Joy!


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