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While I was away in Italy, I received this blog I would like to share from Guillerma Moreno, a member of my first program. When she started the program last year she was opening her yoga studio Bhati, and she was facing fears about the financial risks of opening her first business, worried about whether or not she would make it. I remember helping her release those fears along with her resistant to starting a blog. She was worried about what people would think about what she had to share. So, I am excited to share this with you, because she makes a beautiful point here, and it’s amazing to see her living beyond her fears into her dharma!

[box type=”shadow”]Happy Independence Day!

What a great word, independence! What does independence mean to you? Self-Reliance? Freedom? Liberation? In Hindu philosophy, liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth is the highest goal of human life. That sounds like a very lofty goal. It is said that one can obtain liberation, or moksha, through Self-knowledge. That’s Self with a capital S. What does that mean, to know the Self? If someone were to ask you, “Do you know yourself?” You might answer, “Why yes, my name is Betty and I’m 30 years old and I’m a lawyer and a mother…” And although all those things might be true, Betty is so much more than that. Betty is really a Soul or in Sanskrit, a Jiva or Atma.

“The predicament of the Soul”, as one of my teachers puts it, is that it is “entrapped in a body”. It begins to identify with the physical body and “must perceive and communicate through the faculty of the mind, which distorts perception and sense of identity.” As human beings, we worry about the future, we obsess about the past or we become attached to material things or to other people. We create and cling onto desires and aversions and we start to become a sum of all these external parts. And what happens is we are no longer free. Like Betty, we have forgotten that beyond all those things that we appear to be, our true nature, our true Self, is eternal and divine.


I love this point that Guillerma makes. True independence is knowing:

  • The power of your true self.
  • You are not your worries.
  • You are not your attachments to your expectations, and
  • You are not your circumstances.

You are actually way more!
So how do you get to know the power of that??? It’s what every self-help guru teaches. It’s the goal of meditation and yoga, to quiet the mind, and to feel the power of the soul. And, while doing yoga and meditation are great tools, we can’t always stop in the middle of a meeting and OM, lol.

In my work with all my clients, I have found that releasing upset when it strikes with the emotional freedom exercises I teach to be a key part of truly understanding your power. Over time, releasing any uncomfortable emotion, as it comes up, liberates you from your past reactions to circumstances that unconsciously set you off. Repetitively letting go of frustration, anxiety, overwhelm and all your other upsetting emotions, emancipates you from your human condition and helps you discover the power of your true self.

So, this is a reminder to use these tools: The Easiest Stress Relief Posture during your day to alleviate stress anywhere discreetly, and to do the Head Hold every night. Taking just 1 minute to do each of these can help you be more at choice and less reactive. AND, in honor of Independence Day and to celebrate Guillerma’s success, I am gifting you this Tapping Routine for Growth to help you overcome fear of change and help you get in touch with your power now!

The Easiest Stress Relief Posture


Head Hold


Tapping Routine for Growth

And, if you are in NYC and would like to explore this work more, come spend a day with me discovering the power of Chakra Clearing on Aug 1st!

Chakras are a key part of all my sessions with my clients. If I only have time to work with one system, I choose chakras because balancing them has the most wide reaching effects and benefits for the body, self and soul.

Held in your chakras is your history, the obstacles to your growth, your vulnerabilities to illnesses and your soul’s longing.

– Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

Just think about how much baggage you may be unnecessarily carrying around with you?

Clearing past energies which no longer serve you from your chakras, can alleviate physical pain, emotional distress and free you up to make the changes you want to initiate in your life. To discover how to clear old emotional information out of your chakras and free yourself from your past, I invite you to join me for a LIVE Essential Oils Chakra Clearing at the studio in midtown Manhattan. Click here for more info!

And, I am working on an online version for those of you out of town; I haven’t forgotten about you!!!!!!


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