Mastering Mercury Retrograde

Mastering Mercury Retrograde More frustrated, overwhelmed or irritable lately?  Finding it tough to move projects forward?  Experiencing scheduling drama? Travel delays?  Technology snafus? Having trouble getting to sleep or waking between 3:00 – 5:00 am? I never thought much about Mercury Retrograde until a few years ago, when the majority of my clients were coming […]

Mercury Retrograde, The Recent Eclipse, and Your Energy

Last week, every client came in with their central nervous system over-stimulated, in a bit of a state of overwhelm. Several were also complaining about being unable to sleep too. When I recognized there was a pattern, AND I kept experiencing technology snafus, (like my usually very reliable video platform failing and emails not going […]

Astro-Energy Alert! It’s An Auspicious Day for Love and Connections!

After three weeks of Mercury Madness (This Retrograde was a real doozer!), I can feel this heavy energy beginning to lift! Mercury goes direct Sunday, AND today, Wednesday, April 11th, is an auspicious day for love and making opportune career connections! My trusted astrologers, the AstroTwins report : “Wednesday, April 11, cosmic copilots Venus and […]

How to Best Navigate the Opposing Energies of Mercury Retrograde and The Spring Equinox

There is a major tug of war right now between the forward moving energies of Spring and the Mercury Retrograde (March 22nd thru April 15th). I want to help you avoid feeling pulled and potentially unraveled like a rope in this competition of opposing forces. You may already be feeling the effects of this if […]

Mercury is Retrograde- AGAIN

Mercury is Retrograde- AGAIN, Relief Below:) I thought it was weird that many of my clients were coming in this week feeling ungrounded, pressured and scattered. Then I found out Mercury was in Retrograde AGAIN, and both the physical and emotional symptoms I was seeing, plus the technology snafus we were experiencing at the office […]