You’ll Need This



You’ll Need This

With all the astrological craziness happening this week, my clients came in with similar complaints and imbalances.

This Mercury in transit feels more like a retrograde with lessons for you to learn and opportunities to upgrade your consciousness. The shift from old more limiting beliefs to a more positive upgraded perspective can be jarring. The newness of your new outlook can make you feel off balance. I literally misjudged where a step was and fell this week! And, my clients, staff and myself have all been complaining of feeling “off” this week.

When you experience growth or change, it can throw your system into a homo-lateral pattern in which your energies don’t cross. With your energies in this off balance pattern, normal energetic function is off, thus you can feel emotionally and physically off balance.

[one_half]Cross Posture Energy Medicine – The Lara Touch[/one_half]

[one_half_last]This exercise is what helped!

Take 3 breathes in the crossed posture, as you repeat this phrase-

“Little by little, I can have more of the life I want.” [/one_half_last]


Then, do this quick exercise to get your energies crossing, so you can feel more like your powerful self again!

I felt grateful to have the knowledge to make myself and everyone feel better this week.

In next week’s webinar, on Tuesday, April 5th from 7:30 – 8:30 PM, you will discover some energetic secrets to feeling more energized, vital and fit for your life.

  • You will experience what to do when you feel your focus is off, when you wake up foggy headed, just feel tired after eating or are constipated, LOL!
  • You will hear some cool, exciting, easy and delicious ways to eat healthy from this foodie, and
  • Assess and upgrade any negative talk you may have about your body. Do you know you can actually burn more calories and lose weight just by improving your mindset! I will be explaining how this next Tuesday.

Join me and have your mind blown!

You can sign up here!

So much love and energy,


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