How to Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and Well Being



How to Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and Well Being

Ever wonder why 2 people can get exposed to the same virus or infection and only one person gets sick?

If you are the one who gets sick, it’s most likely because your body was already taxed by unperceived stressors. You just get sick; you don’t really grasp that your poor body’s resistance was down because you:

  • Took a new boxing class and were sore from it, then
  • Ate pesticides on the salad you had out with a friend, then
  • Got some stressful news at work and had trouble getting to sleep.

These are all natural things that happen in your modern day life, and if your body encountered just one of those stressors, your immune system could have probably beat the virus, but the combo had your body working overtime and weakened your defense.

How much mechanical, chemical, environmental and emotional stress you encounter and how your body handles it determines whether you feel tired, get sick or stay healthy.

In your modern day life, mechanical stress generally comes in the form of activity that is outside of your normal scope. When you do a new activity for too long or too vigorously you can make yourself sore and injure tissue. When you are sore after exercise, you have created tiny little tears in your muscles, which your body has to take energy and time to heal. So, it’s important to exercise at a pace, and at an intensity your body can handle without pain or soreness.

Eating chemicals like pesticides on veggies, hormones in meats and mercury in fish taxes your digestive and immune system because it takes extra energy for your body to remove those toxins from your system.

And, emotional stress puts you into a Sympathetic Nervous System Response or Fight/Flight Mode, which takes energy and resources from your immune and digestive system to fuel your potential escape or fight, releasing stress hormones and making it difficult to relax, sleep, restore and repair.

So the virus, bacteria or cancer can grow because your body’s immune system is already working overtime on other issues.

You can take control in two ways:

#1 Control your mechanical, chemical, environmental and emotional stress by:

  • Limiting your consumption of toxic pesticides, hormones and other foods to which your body is sensitive (most common food sensitivities- wheat, dairy, sugar) Start noticing how you feel after you eat. If you feel sluggish, foggy headed or bloated after you eat, you could have a sensitivity to the type of food you are eating or how it was processed.
  • Being aware of the amount and intensity of physical activity. Taking it little by little and micro progressing physical training is the healthiest way to train. You know you have done too much if you feel tired or sore after you workout.
  • Managing emotional stress
  • Managing your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies like cell phones and wifi by not wearing an Iwatch and keeping your cell phone away from your body most of the time (which means out of your pocket and away from your bed at night)

Since you can’t always control the above factors, this second step is REALLY IMPORTANT!

#2 Strengthen your body in the face of all of these stressors with the energy exercises I teach. With these exercises you can:

  • Strengthen the meridians that motivate and control digestion, so if you eat something toxic you can help your body process it by giving it extra energy to do so!
  • Strengthen your auric field to better handle electromagnetic frequencies. Doing these exercises daily was what helped me get over chronic fatigue syndrome years ago when all other medical interventions failed.
  • Alleviate the physical affects of emotional stress as it strikes is ultra important. As I explained above, your body can’t repair itself when your immune system isn’t receiving the energy it needs to function properly.

I just helped a young gal who was having fertility issues improve her follicle growth after two weeks of doing the stress relief homework I designed for her in our sessions. All of your body’s systems from hormones, to digestion, to immune function can get thrown out of balance by emotional stress. That’s why doing these exercises is so important.

You are so busy, you don’t notice the small stressors put on your system until the combined affect of them makes you sick, causes you pain or what the wellness industry calls a healing crisis.

Why wait for your body to be in crisis to start giving your body the strength it needs to overcome everyday toxicity now?

Join my monthly online webinar series and better understand your modern day stressors and how to overcome them and feel more fit and vibrant every day. Like everything I offer, there is a money back guarantee. If you don’t get value out of it, I will give you your money back.

Join me online Tuesday April 5, 2016 from 7:30-8:30pm and:

Discover the Energetic Secrets and the Fastest, Most Effective Ways to Feel Fit and Vital

Understand how to notice the effects of unperceived stressors in your life and to control them and strengthen your body in the face of them!

In this dynamic, action packed hour you will get:

  • How to strengthen your field, so you are less taxes by electromagnetic frequencies, and barometric pressure changes.
  • How to counteract the mind numbing effects of sitting in front of a computer all day and keep your focus sharp.
  • How to detox your lymph system and energize your digestive system.
  • How to calm stress and get a more restorative sleep.
  • How to muscle test foods and products to see if they weaken your body.

You will also get:

  • Practical tips on how to avoid and limit pesticides, hormones and mercury in your food.
  • A list of the signs of mechanical stress and how to know if you are overdoing it at the gym and guidelines on how to micro progress your fitness regiment and make it fun and fulfilling verses something you suffer through.
  • Some realistic and delicious strategies for eating well and healthy.
  • The chance to assess and to upgrade any negative talk you may have about your body. Do you know you can actually burn more calories and lose weight just by improving your mindset! I will be explaining how this Tuesday!!!

Join me and have your mind blown!

You can sign up here!

Here’s a 60 second taste of the power of these exercises! Rate your energy level, then try this quick exercise and re-rate it!

So much love and energy,


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