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LeRaine McCoy is a successful CEO. She is happily married and has the most human, eloquent dog I have ever met. LeRaine is lovely, possessing a natural glowing warmth that is contagious and, she has lived her life from a wheelchair for 38 years after a sudden accident left her without the use of her legs.

I had the privilege of meeting her this weekend at Debbie Phillips’ Women on Fire Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee. She participated in a panel discussion about being unstoppable.

When asked how she became unstoppable despite her inability to walk, she said,
“It’s all about mindset.”

She doesn’t see her wheelchair as a limitation, constraint,, or feel shackled to it. Her chair provides her with independence, and she sees it as access to freedom.

When asked if she ever pondered the question, “Why me?” she said that getting used to being unable to walk was tough at the beginning. She mourned her old life, but she learned quickly to look at her life as an adventure and to ask “Why not me? – when wonderful things happen.”

This is a perfect example of how you have the power to choose how you see things in your life.

Another wise panel member who had liberated herself from an abusive marriage and manifested a successful career and supportive new husband said she lives by the moto, “Things happen for you not TO you!”

She explained how overcoming her hardships helped her to grow and to feel unstoppable in her life and her business. Her confidence was palpable.

When you change your conversation, you can change your life.

In an interview I did recently for Katie Cady’s Radiate Confidence Summit, I talk about how to access the strong side of yourself when you are faced with challenges.

You have gotten through so many other tough circumstances. You have been successful in your life at other things. If you can access that part of yourself, you can support yourself instead of feeling like a victim.

Think about it, when you blame anyone else for your problems, you put your power into their hands. You give your power of choice away.

You can be the change you want to see in your life. Take control of your mindset, take control of your life!

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With so much love,

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