Be Ready for a Wild Astrological Ride!



Be Ready for a Wild Astrological Ride!

Last week the eclipses really put many people on edge. And, apparently, this week, and this Spring, the madness continues!

“A wild ride on the back of a winged horse awaits you!”
Astro Anne writes in her update on the Spring Equinox.

“It looks like ANOTHER season of arguments ahead of us! Such is the energy of a mutable cross with cranky planets fighting with each other…

“Expect to hear lots of reasons why things can’t be done, won’t be done, or aren’t being started. Excuses, excuses, excuses.”

“Words will be misleading or misinterpreted.”

“Expect sudden emotional arguments to fly off or flare up, especially if someone is feeling disrespected!”

While The AstroTwins warn us of Mercury’s transit, while “brief, the effect can be like a tiny tornado that whips through town, creating frenzied, frenetic energy, then moves on, leaving messes for everyone else to clean up!”

So, how do you stay grounded, and on track in the midst of all this crazy energy???

Below are 2 exercises to help you USE this volatile energy productively and to transform it into personal power you can use in your life!

Use this Chakra Capacity Expanding Exercise to help you access your innate power in the midst of all this crazy energy.

Do this Mercury Electrics Reset and Head Hold at night before bed if you find you are having trouble sleeping because you are wired from all this excess energy.

Electrics Reset

Head Hold

Despite the astrological forecast, let this Spring be the time you get stronger and more empowered. Renew yourself and set up an inspiring self care plan to help you rejuvenate your body and your mindset in my monthly membership class next week:

Discover the Energetic Secrets and the Fastest, Most Effective Ways to Feel Fit and Vital

Tuesday, April 5th from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

In this class you will:

  • Experience quick and easy exercises to energize your digestion and metabolism as well as give yourself an energy boost.
  • Discover how to effectively muscle test foods to see if they stress your body, so you can avoid foods which could be zapping your energy.
  • Discuss exercise in terms of how to know what kind, what intensity, and how much would make your body feel it’s best in order to help you get fit verses injuring or taxing your system.
  • Look at how you perceive your body and how you are treating it with your subconscious beliefs, then do a mindset exercise to help you let go of what you think you “should” look like or do to help you get in touch with your body’s power and innate beauty, even at larger sizes! Negative body talk increases cortisol levels and slows your metabolism, while self-love increases endorphins, energy, and can actually help you lose weight!

You can sign up here!
So much love and power!


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