I am giving you permission to…



I am giving you permission to…

I am giving you permission to rest. I actual highly recommend getting more rest this weekend.

You are used to pushing yourself to get things done and I admire your for that, but winter is the season to refuel on rest and inspiration. It’s actually healthier right now to give yourself a break.

Chinese Medicine doctors recommend you sleep more, eat and drink warm nourishing foods, and expose yourself to inspiring art or books; take the time to refill your restore your body, mind and spirit.

Mercury is also in retrograde until January 25th and it’s not a good time to start anything new, as a result.

So, both the seasons and planets are aligned to give you permission, actually orders, to cuddle up inside with a good book or movie.

Here are 2 exercises, a shorter one and a longer one, which are great for resetting your body’s energetic electrical system. Your body’s electrical system can become overactive and stagnant with extra energy from stress, overactivity and seasonal changes. Holding these points can help drain excess, stagnant energy, and revitalize your central nervous system and body.

I have been doing these before bed as I watch TV regularly and been having more restful and rejuvenating sleep as a result.

I also find I have an overall greater sense of calm during my days.

Most of my clients have needed this work over the last week.

The first exercise takes under 5 minutes and the second is a 40-50 minute commitment, but well worth the time.

I recommend laying in bed, or on the couch, with pillows under your elbows as you watch TV as you do these.

Much love and peace!


P.S. Ohhhh! And, The Winter Solstice Retreat I participated in over the holiday goes away on Jan 31st! It’s the perfect time for this reTREAT. And, this one you can do in your home, while you connect with other like minded women and do Art + Journaling + Dance + Yoga and Soul Search in this Mini Workshop series designed to help you slow down and nourish yourself at the end of the year. Sessions are led by world renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world (including me).

You can get access to all the replays here.


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