How to Best Manage and to Benefit from Mercury Retrograde!



Mercury is retrograde AGAIN!

This time it snuck up on me. I wasn’t aware of it until so many technology snafoos happened, I had to look at the calendar and sure enough!

It was happening AGAIN!!!

Have you been frustrated by technology? Emails just disappearing like mine?

Has your jaw, head or neck been tight as of late?

Is everything taking a long time to load, like calendars?

Experiencing issues arise out of miscommunication?

Upset by scheduling snafoos?

Getting frustrated with old habits that are no longer serving you, but having a hard time changing them?

Because they are familiar?

As I always say, upset is access to new growth and possibilities. You would NOT change anything if it was perfect. If it wasn’t bugging you why would you make the effort to change?

Mercury retrograde is a great agitator of change. This time has a tendency to reveal to you things that your soul and highest self are ready to upgrade, to make better!

Mercury went retrograde on Aug 30th, last Tuesday, and it goes direct on Sept 21st. So you have a few weeks to use it to your advantage or feel doomed by it, as you wait for it to be over.

Watch this vlog and get the exercise to quickly calm you down when these Mercury driven upsets occur, and discover how you can use this period as a way to upgrade your life, so that you have more ease, fulfillment and balance.

Let’s be more Freddie Mercury and less Retrograde!

Ok, Champion?!

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