Mercury is Retrograde- AGAIN



Mercury is Retrograde- AGAIN, Relief Below:)

I thought it was weird that many of my clients were coming in this week feeling ungrounded, pressured and scattered. Then I found out Mercury was in Retrograde AGAIN, and both the physical and emotional symptoms I was seeing, plus the technology snafus we were experiencing at the office all made sense.

Below is a new short video I made with the exercises that are helping my clients feel better and sleep better this Mercury Retrograde, and some mindset tips on how to benefit from this time verses just suffer through it.

Mercury Retrograde often sends situations which force us to slow down and to re-assess our lives. If you remember, I always say, upset is access, so if you are having a conflict or upset while Mercury is retrograde, it’s an amazing opportunity to improve something in your life.

So, I invite you to re-frame Mercury Retrograde, and move into this period, April 28–May 22nd, with the idea that this is the right and perfect time to reconnect, reflect, repair or reconsider.


  • With whom would you like to reconnect? It’s a perfect time to reach out.
  • In reflection, what could you be doing better in your life? What could you change to better support what you want?
  • What is in need of repair? Could you repair or improve systems in your business? Do you have any relationships in need of repair? This may mean apologizing or forgiving. Deepak Chopra says, “When we harbor anger toward anyone, it’s like concocting poison and drinking it yourself.”
  • Is there anything in your life you would like to reconsider? If you don’t have what you want, it just means that it’s time to upgrade your ideas of what is possible. So, ponder and wonder about what you may want that you don’t have or how you might want to do something differently. Remember, when you figure this out, you now have the opportunity to change it! Yippppeeee!

As you think about these questions, if there is something you want more of in your life that you don’t have yet, join us for the next online membership class How to Live Your Passion and Have a Successful Life Doing What You Love! this Tuesday, May 3rd from 7:30 – 8:30 PM.

In the past month, I have lost 10 pounds, started a really energizing workout schedule, and been empowered to make some moves to expand my business. In this class, I am going to share my latest mindset strategy and the energy exercises that are keeping me out of fear, resistance and in inspired action!

Whether you want to grow your business or just improve your lifestyle; this class is designed to help you get empowered to do it!!!

Check out what we will be covering below.

So much love and energy,


How to Live Your Passion and Have a Successful Life Doing What You Love!
Tuesday, May 3rd from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

In this live online class, we are going to-

  • Get you present to what you love and what you are really passionate about in every aspect of your life, so you can truly live your best life!
  • AND help you create an easy plan to live it out little by little every day in your work and your life. You will be surprised just how easy it is to plan a satisfying, successful life!
  • Look at how you “should” yourself, why you do it, and the beliefs from your parents and your past that could be driving it, then upgrade them to support your current desires!
  • Discuss David Hawkins book Power verses Force, how different emotions vibrate at different energetic frequencies, and how to live your life more powerfully verses forcefully using these emotions to harness the Law of Attraction everyday. Like attracts like baby!

You can sign up here, and as always I honor my Money Back Guarantee; if you are unsatisfied with any class, just shoot me and my team a note, and we will happily give you your money back.

When you sign up for the Lara Touch’s Monthly Membership, you will get these monthly on classes for free because it’s included in your monthly investment as a member.

This is a community of like-minded folks who are cheering each other on as we flow through this life with all it’s fun, twists, turns, joy and adventure. By investing in yourself with this incredibly low cost monthly membership of $29.99, you get so much more than this monthly online class. Check this out for more.

Also note, if you’d like just to sign up for the May Online Class, you can just sign up for it without becoming a member. However, the best deal, is the monthly membership, since one payment for the class alone will get you two months of membership along with all of the other goodies I’m giving you!

Here’s some inspiring feedback from current members:
About March’s Class – Let go of What is Keeping You From Having and Enjoying Money Now

“It felt like the class was just as effective as our one-on-one sessions! I got crazy value out of it! And, you should be charging way more!”

Kate Duff, Co-founder of KLAXI+CO


About April’s Class-– Discover the Energetic Secrets and the Fastest, Most Effective Ways to Feel Fit and Vital!

“Lara, this information is pure gold!!!”

Nicole Lockett, Life Coach



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