Help With The Effects of This Mercury in Retrograde



Help With The Effects of This Mercury in Retrograde

I thought it was weird that many of my clients were coming in this week feeling ungrounded, pressured and scattered. Then I found out Mercury was in Retrograde AGAIN, and both the physical and emotional symptoms I was seeing, plus the technology snafus we were experiencing at the office all made sense.

This isn’t a particularly bad one, like the last two, but I suggest doing the exercises below to ground and center your body and to clear your head. Evidently it went Retrograde Jan 5th, and we will be feeling the effects of it thru the 24th.

Mercury in Retrograde often sends situations which force us to slow down and to re-assess our lives If you remember, I always say, upset is access, so if you are having a conflict or upset while Mercury is in retrograde, it’s an amazing opportunity to improve something in your life.

So, I invite you to re-frame Mercury in Retrograde, and move into this period with the idea that this is the right and perfect time to reconnect, reflect on, repair or reconsider.

So, with whom would you like to reconnect? It’s a perfect time to reach out.

  • In reflection, what could you be doing better in your life? What could you change to better support what you want?
  • What is in need of repair? Could you repair or improve systems in your business? Do you have any relationships in need of repair? This may mean apologizing or forgiving.
  • Deepak Chopra says, “When we harbor anger toward anyone, it’s like concocting poison and drinking it yourself.”
  • Is there anything in your life you would like to reconsider? If you don’t have what you want, it just means that it’s time to upgrade your ideas of what is possible. So, ponder and wonder about what you may want that you don’t have or how you might want to do something differently. Remember, when you figure this out, you now have the opportunity to change it! Yippppeeee!

In my FREE Online Class, Create Your 2016 Vision, we did an amazing review of 2015 in which we looked at what worked and what didn’t, AND more importantly, how each of you grew and expanded your capacity last year as a result of what happened.

Most of you don’t take any time to actually notice and congratulate yourself on just what you learned and how you grew. You love to beat yourself up for what you didn’t achieve, but how about taking this different approach; I guarantee it is way more productive to ponder your life this way. Instead of feeling bruised up and defeated, you can celebrate your strength and newfound capacity. It’s important to take this time to look at 2015 this way. It will help inspire you to create your vision knowing just what you DID accomplish! Whoa hoo!

I also take you through two amazing exercises to help you harness The Law of Attraction in under 6 minutes a day, 3 minutes in the am and 3 minutes in the pm. And, you also get to do a Tapping Routine that helps you release self doubt. See the P.S.S. for the videos.

You don’t want to miss this FREE class! The replay goes away tonight at 11pm!!! So, check it out on your lunch break or after work. Give yourself this time to ponder, wonder and start creating what you really want in 2016!

While Mercury is in Retrograde, the Universe’s energies are supporting this exploration, so don’t wait to give yourself this gift!

Here’s the link to this FREE Create Your 2016 Vision; you have thru tonight to experience the power of it.

And I want to give you ALL MY FAVORITE Tapping Videos FREE – simply sign up for my Bring Your Vision Board to Life, 2016 Online Vision Board 4 week Program. I have turned my one-day class into a month experience, so the group and I can support you actually manifesting what is in your board in your life over the next 4 weeks.

We start on Sat! Check it out, and sign up before tonight at 11pm and you will also get the FREE Tapping Videos!

To your strength and accomplishments!

PS- 2016 Online Vision Board class- clearing up some confusion- you don’t have to be here love to participate in any of it. Just go here for more details and to sign up.

Sign up before 11pm to bring your vision for 2016 to life!

Exercise Support for The Effects of Mercury in Retrograde

To help Ground and Center you

To help to Clear and to Focus and Calm you-Mercury in Retrograde Electrics Reset


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