My huge realization



My huge realization

You most likely achieved more then you think last year.

When I ask my clients all they accomplished last year, most of them have a hard time getting their list started.

You all have a tendency to focus on the negative and what didn’t happen.

In answering the questions I sent you on New Year’s Eve, The 2015 Review, I realized something huge.

What was most remarkable and significant about 2015 for me was the thing that sucked the most AND had the biggest positive impact on my life. Go figure!

When we lost my mom to cancer in Sept, it was heartbreaking for all of my family, especially my dad who was losing his partner of 45 years.

Yet, since her passing, both he and I have grown and made positive changes in our lives, for which I am grateful.

My mom was the family connector. She enjoyed knowing what was happening in everyone’s lives and made an effort to connect with us all. While I was always certain of his love, my dad made less of an effort and preferred getting updates from my mom on our lives. She was his emotional connection to the world, and she enabled him to be less involved in our lives.

Since my mom’s death, my dad is the one who reaches out. We have been closer then ever, and he has been more present with my brother’s kids, his grandkids, and the rest of our family and friends.

This experience has opened him up and prompted touching connections I have cherished.

So, while my mom’s death was a tragic loss, it was also an opening for growth.

I share this with you to reinforce an ideal I have shared before-
Upsets can be access to growth and greater fulfillment if you are willing to change.

My husband’s unwavering support during this tough period deepened my trust, respect and love of him.

And, making time to be there for my mom prompted me to cut my hours back at the office giving me more time with my family and friends.

So, I ask you to look at what happened in your life last year, good and bad, and think about how you grew from it.

Check out The 2015 Review questions again from this perspective-

Review of 2015

  1. How did you react to what was remarkable about last year?
  2. Who came into your life this year? Who left? How did it affect you?
  3. What were your best accomplishments/achievements? How did you grow?
  4. How did your favorite times/moments express what you have manifested or how you have changed?
  5. How did your biggest disappointment affect you? What do you now want as a result of it?
  6. What was the single most significant event of the year? What did it symbolize about you?
  7. How do you want next year to be different; how do you want to grow? What changes could you make to make your life more fulfilling?

You have to give yourself more credit.

Creating and achieving new goals for this year will be much easier after you take stock of just how much you grew last year.

Let me help you! Join me tonight for my free workshop to help you create your inspiring vision for an amazing 2016.

In this free workshop, we will-

  • Review 2015, and assess what worked and what didn’t in a productive way that inspires growth.
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  • Understand how The Law of Attraction Works and how to harness it’s power with daily, quick exercises that help get your central nervous system and psyche comfortable with the changes associated with your new life. If you are comfortable having it, you can attract it!
  • Release any fears or resistance to taking actions to support your vision becoming reality.

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Much love and joy in 2016!


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