Was it a Miracle?



Was it a Miracle?

I’m not sure if this is a miracle or just what happens when you take the time to put your desires and intentions on paper and feel the possibility of them coming true.

Last year, Joy Lynn took part in one of my vision board classes; she was attracted to specific images and she put them on her vision board.

(From Joy Lynn)

I live in the heart of New York City, but I somehow found my Vision Board filled with images of lush, green gardens blooming with flowers and spacious country-style homes with sloping ceilings, rustic wooden beams and cobblestone walls.

As I travel frequently for work, I made sure that my vision board was portable so that I could always take it with me. Flash forward one year. Due to a series of unexpected events, I found myself in Zimbabwe during November and December 2015. I had brought my vision board with me, but was so occupied with work that I completely forgot to open it up until the day after Christmas. I was shocked and moved to tears when I realized that the images in my vision board were identical to where I was staying and places that I had visited in Zimbabwe.


The image on the upper left hand corner of my board feels just like my Chisipite cottage.

[one_half]visionboard-light [/one_half] [one_half_last]visionboard-cottage2[/one_half_last]

The image of the dining room below is identical to the place in the Vumba mountains where I had dessert for breakfast with friends on Christmas Eve; and the image of the blue door on the right echoes perfectly the house that we rented for the holidays on the border of Mozambique.

[one_half]visionboard-table[/one_half] [one_half_last] visionboard-cottage[/one_half_last]

All of the images on the right hand side of my vision board are identical to where I stayed and what I did during my two months in the peaceful suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe; this is where I met someone who I am sure will be one of my best friends for the rest of my life. By total coincidence, he was renting a cottage on the same property as mine. He works with stone sculptors and metal artists in Chitungwiza, and the stone sculpture of the Angel torso on my vision board was brought to life during every day we spent together in Zimbabwe’s sculpture gardens.

[one_third]visionboard-angel[/one_third] [one_third]visionboard-trees-2[/one_third] [one_third_last]visionboard-trees[/one_third_last]

Now that 2015 has come to a close, I am so excited to create my vision board for 2016 and to see how it comes into my life!

– Joy Lynn

When I heard about this, I said, “That’s a miracle!” But, actually, I think it’s just what happens when you really use The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction does work, but it doesn’t work with words. You must be a vibrational/energetic match to draw what you want to you. You become a vibrational match to what you want when you FEEL the FEELINGS, which are associated with your dreams coming true.

You CAN have anything you want if you believe it is possible and that is both the problem and the answer! If you don’t have what you want now, it’s probably because you don’t quite think its possible on a physical and subconscious level.

This can change! You can get your body, brain and central nervous system comfortable having the body, career, relationship and bank account you want, and creating a visual image of your dreams is an amazing first step.

My Vision Board Online Class starts Saturday, and in it, I coach you on how to create a board that really represents your inner desires and that speaks to your soul. Then for 4 weeks, you get a short assignment to help you FEEL the feelings your board illicits, schedule activities in your life, which create those feelings for you, choose and dance to a song daily that gets you in the mood, and create a plan for achieving your goals that inspires you verses feeling difficult.

This 4 week program is super doable time-wise with 20 minute activities and a once-a-week Q&A webinar to support you and to inspire you to stay on track.

Click here to join us for this magical month of fun, exploration and manifestation!

And, please know you have the power to make miracles, like Joy Lynn did. Using The Law of Attraction, all you have to do is trust your heart and BELIEVE!!!!

So much love and magic,

P.S. Here is the link to sign up for the class. The registration is closing on Friday, January 15th at 6:00 PM as we start Saturday. So if you want to join us for this magical month of fun, exploration, and manifestation…register now for the Online Vision Board Class!


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