Essential Oil Hack! How Lemongrass Oil Can Help You with Seasonal Allergies and Letting Go of “Shoulds.”

Feeling like you should be doing more than you can manage right now?  Lemongrass is an awesome Essential Oil to use this time of year because from an emotional perspective, it can help you overcome what I call “the shoulds.” It’s the start to the school year, the Jewish new year, and the time when you […]

Great Exercises for Combating the Cold and Preventing Getting Sick!

Great exercises for combating the cold and preventing getting sick! It’s been sooooooooooooooo cooooooooold in NYC! Over the past two weeks, the high has been in the 20s and the low in the single digits. We got a break over the weekend, but I heard it’s getting cold again, and maybe snow on Wednesday! We […]