Over Winter, Jonesing for Spring?


Spring Energy

Anyone else feel worn out and frustrated by this weather? One day it’s 60, the next it’s snowing and 20 degrees!

Spring is around the corner, but winter persists!

Rather than get frustrated, and rage against it, I invite you to use it as an opportunity to relax and to give yourself time to figure out what you want and to ponder “What would be the easiest, most fulfilling way to plan it?”

You are used to pushing yourself to get things done, and while that can be productive, it can also wear you out if you do it all the time. Spring, bringing with it the energy of change and growth will be here soon.

If you are feeling pressured to get things done or to make things happen (Now!) then you are already feeling Spring’s energy. If you allow this energy to force you into hasty action, you may wind up:

-working harder than necessary
-making costly mistakes
-having to spend extra time redoing things
-frustrated because things are not working out at your expected pace
-wearing yourself out

So take these last cold days of Winter to refuel on rest and inspiration. It’s actually healthier right now to give yourself a break and to help your body and mind replenish.

Chinese Medicine doctors recommend you sleep more, eat and drink warm nourishing foods, and expose yourself to inspiring art or books. Take time to refill and restore your body, mind and spirit. In those inspiring moments, give yourself the space and the time to start thinking about the most enjoyable and effective way to get what you want accomplished. Wonder and begin strategizing 😉

Give yourself the energy and the prep time you will need for Spring!

Many of my clients have been coming in overwhelmed with their body’s energetic, electrical systems needing to be calmed down. It can be tough to sleep, be creative or have clarity when your body’s central nervous system is over-stimulated in this way.

I highly suggest doing this easy and relaxing exercise before bed to calm you, so you can have a more restful and restorative night’s sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping after doing this, email me, you may want to come in for deeper electrical reset session, but try this gem of an exercise first;)

Much peace and calm,

Enjoy this Relaxing Restorative Pose before bed:

Place one hand on the back of your head along the ridge in the center of your head and the other on your forehead with two of your fingertips touching the inside of your eyebrows. Place pillows under both elbows, so you can relax into this position without having to hold your arms up. Rest in this pose, until you feel pulses in both hands for about 3 minutes or until you feel your body relax. You likely will fall asleep in this position;)

Sweet dreams❤


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