Cosmic Energy Reset: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde since Tuesday and you may have been feeling the effects as early as last week.  Feeling more agitated than usual? Having trouble sleeping? Waking between 3-5am?  Finding yourself feeling more overwhelmed this week? If so, your central nervous system may be a bit overstimulated by the electromagnet shifts associated with this retrograde.  […]

Cosmic Energy Reset: Be Mindful of Your Reaction To This Evening’s Full Moon

The Full Moon occurring this evening at 5:05pm EST has the potential to inflame or to empower depending on how you navigate its powerful energy.  From a favorite astrology source,“As the October 1st Full Moon falls in Mars’ ruling sign of Aries, it is going to activate the Mars Retrograde which is currently in operation.It is […]

How To Clear Anxiety and Uncertainty and Make Decisions with Greater Clarity

She had been having stomach problems all week. So, in our session, my mind immediately jumped to asking my client the question, “What are you having trouble trusting about life?” In Chinese Medicine, the emotional theme of the Stomach Meridian is having the ability to trust the process of life versus worry about outcomes. “Hmmm.” she […]

Why I was MIA last week, and something cool I am excited to share with you!

If you have ever struggled to figure out what you want or to understand your identity, read on. Something I have been struggling with for 10 years that has stunted my business’s growth, been a constant stress, and a weighty elephant in my life was not having an identity that suited me.  Anytime anyone asked […]