The Best Use of Your Energy Right Now (Mercury Retrograde and All)



If you have felt more tired of late, it’s natural to feel more fatigued right now. 

If you have felt a little down, you are not alone.

If you have been annoyed or frustrated because you haven’t been able to get something accomplished, or you have had unexpected or sudden schedule changes, I invite you to take a pause, conserve your energy, and rethink your approach. 

There is a reason things feel hard right now. 

Mercury retrograde happened Monday, April 1st, yes April Fool’s day! While you may be feeling “psyched out”,  this is NOT a joke. 

This retrograde (April 1-25th) may feel heavier because it’s happening during eclipse season which has a tendency to feel unstable as it often brings with it energy which prompts change, AND the planet Chiron, known as the wounded teacher, will have an energetic influence and may be prompting us to heal some aspect of self. 

One of my favorite astrologers, CHANI says… 

There is something medicinal about this Mercury Retrograde. 

Be prepared to be humble and to be corrected and to be made aware of what is inefficient, ineffective or just faulty. 

If we can think of Mercury retrogrades as that time where we are being granted a moment to course correct for the betterment of our lives and everything in it, then maybe it’s a little less personal.

It’s some kind of going back, remembering what’s important to you, remembering what has meaning for you, remembering the journey that you’re on and why you’re on it, and retrieving that kind of deeper sense of connection.”

So please be kind and gentle with yourself and see this as a message from the Universe to….


Let go of expectations. 

Listen to your heart. 

Pay attention to what matters. 

For us this likely means stopping some of our regular activities if they don’t feel good right now.

So, if you have a workout planned and are feeling physically resistant to doing it, listen to your body. Maybe gentle yoga, stretching, a walk in nature, energy work, or a nap may be more rejuvenating.

See if you can slow down, stop, and give yourself the time to be more present to what would feel replenishing. Rest, replenishing foods, inspiring books, and TV are a healthy menu for restoration right now.

If it doesn’t feel like it will fill you up, let it go.

And, if anything goes wrong or your plans suddenly change, give yourself SLACK.

STOP and give yourself the time to emotionally process what is happening before you react. 

LOOK with curiosity at what this situation may be telling you that you need.

ACKNOWLEDGE how you are feeling, CARE for yourself with this anxiety-relieving exercise, then get KINESTHETIC, and do something that helps you feel your best. When you feel good, you are more creative, confident, and able to solve problems in a way that feels good to you. 

Slowing down and giving more consideration to:

  • What you want
  • How you communicate 
  • How you manage your time 
  • How you organize your life

…could change it for the better.

Much love and peace,


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  1. Mindy Dickman says: Reply

    Thank you so much Lara. Sometimes I still forget to give myself SLACK and your reminder was so helpful!! 💗

    1. So glad, Mindy;)

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