How To Use The Energy Of The Aries Eclipse Today 



New Moons represent the start of a new cycle, so this Solar Eclipse magnifies that energy, opening doorways, clearing pathways, and getting us to shift in a new direction. The fact that this Solar Eclipse falls in Aries only amplifies this as Aries is the sign of new beginnings.

As this Eclipse is so powerful, this new opportunity or beginning may be seen even up to a month after this Eclipse has reached its peak.

Making a list of intentions and putting out what we wish to attract can be a powerful exercise to do under these Eclipse energies.

This Aries Solar Eclipse is also a North Node Eclipse, which means that its energy is rooted in the future. It is an Eclipse for looking forward and embracing the changing times. This is not a time to look back or harp on the past, this is a time to look forward and see the potential of a new chapter.”


Years ago my husband asked me a question which changed my life during eclipse season.

We were talking about what we wanted in our future together, and I felt hindered.

I didn’t see how I could contemplate starting a family with all the responsibilities of the studio I ran at that time.

Then my husband asked me the most insightful and practical questions, which I NEVER would have contemplated on my own.

What if you could still do the work you love, have less responsibility, and work close to home?

What if you had a smaller space in our building with no commute?”

What?!!! Give up the space I had designed?!

But also let go of the massive responsibility and the commute?!!! That part sounded pretty good.

I had NO IDEA HOW that could all happen.

He said what I tell all my clients now, “Don’t worry about how, just imagine…..

How cool would it be if this happened?!!!!”

Miraculously, against the odds, it happened.

A friend of mine who wanted to open a Pilates studio took over my lease with no issue from my landlord. Then the perfect office space, at the perfect rent, opened up in our building!

I couldn’t believe how seamlessly it happened.

The Universe can come up with way better outcomes than you could imagine when you get your worry out of the way 😉

So, on this super charged day and for the next few weeks, I invite you to use the power of this Aries Eclipse and ponder with curiosity and wonder…

How cool would it be if______________?

Make a list of all that comes to mind on a daily basis.

Let go and wonder!

And, if any big changes occur in your life, as eclipses have a tendency to bring about fated events to prod growth, keep this in mind:

Something may be ending, and this constitutes a new beginning.

This is happening for you 😉

You’ve got this.

So, get to it, journal on this question now…

How cool would it be if___________.

Make your list.

You deserve it.



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