Finding Balance With The Energy Of This Past Lunar Libra Eclipse 



Welcome to eclipse season. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Libra, kind of snuck up on me. 

But it definitely made me aware of its presence and impact because it woke up my son, who is sensitive to astrological energy. 

You, too, may have felt or may be feeling the effects of this eclipse energy if you…..

  • Were unable to sleep Sunday into Monday.
  • Have been feeling more fatigued the past few days.
  • Have had anything upsetting occur, especially if it has affected any of your relationships over the past week. 
  • Have experienced any natural ending in your life. 

These might be signs to pay attention to how you might find greater balance in your life.

The portal that opens under this Libra Lunar Eclipse is one of endings. It seems that we are being guided to bring something to a close. Perhaps it’s a thought pattern, way of belief, or, perhaps, it is something more tangible like the ending of a job, relationship, or chapter of our lives.

It is also important to mention that this Libra Lunar Eclipse is part of a bigger Eclipse cycle that began in April 2023 and will continue for the remainder of this year.” 

With this in mind, I invite you to think about what was happening in April of 2023 for you. 

I had just gotten over having COVID for the first time, and I had been feeling the positive effects of having time off to rest my brain, as I balanced my body with energy work daily to heal. 

Taking this time, I was able to see I wanted to change the way I was managing my energy.

Instead of acting on what I wanted, I instead felt the impetus to simply get clearer on exactly what I wanted.

Moving to the suburbs was the manifestation of this. 

As we move through this eclipse, I am pondering how I want to restructure my business to fit the new lifestyle I have created. 

And I am again feeling the pull to slow down and to ponder what my heart wants, so I can better balance my business and family life. 

The scales of Libra represent the balance between giving and receiving in our lives. Where are we giving too much? Where are we not giving enough? These questions are likely to be on our minds under the Eclipse and at the root of any issues that come up for us.” 

So, I invite you to consider two things….

Think back to what was happening in April of 2023 for you. How might it relate to what you are experiencing now? 

If there have been any sudden changes or upsets in your relationships, how might this help you acknowledge something that could change for the better? 

Please look at balancing the scales.

How much energy are you giving to…

  • Your work?
  • Your family? 
  • Your friendships? 

What are you receiving in these areas of your life?

Is there a good balance?

“One of the most powerful lessons when working with Libra energy is to find our sense of collaboration rather than compromise.” 

This Libra Energy can help you balance the flow of energy in your life. 

Taking the time to become aware of what is important, what you need, and how you feel is the first step. 

Then collaborate with your friends, family, and colleagues to balance the scales. 

Ask them how you might best support them, and share how they might best support you. 

Too much giving without receiving tips the scales, leaving you drained, frustrated, and resentful.

Receiving attention without giving can leave you feeling unvalued.

Feeling this way over time could cause you to break off the relationship. 

You can give what feels good and receive what feels nurturing to you.

And your relationships with your friends, colleagues, family, and yourself will be healthier for it 😉

So much love,


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