Be Aware Of This Energy—How To Best Use The Energy Of Spring



Happy Spring Equinox!

While it is soooooo exciting to have more sunlight and see the trees beginning to blossom, there is extra energy that can be overstimulating.

You may be feeling the effects of this if you have been…

  • Feeling extra internalized pressure to get things done.
  • Feeling more frustrated or angry when things aren’t happening fast enough.
  • Having trouble sleeping because of an over-functioning mind. 
  • Feeling more impatient or judgmental of yourself or others lately.
  • Had increased muscular tension or emotional agitation. 

In Spring, growth is accelerated. 

As greater sunlight stimulates cell growth, buds form and grow until they burst into blossoms.

You, too, may be feeling the internalized pressure to blossom and make change happen in your life right now. 

If results aren’t coming quickly, you can get easily frustrated and feel defeated. 

You may try harder, putting more effort than necessary toward your goal in hopes of making something happen faster.

If you allow this energy to force you into pressured action, you also may wind up making costly mistakes or wearing yourself out.

Take a deep breath right now and fall back in step with nature…

The blossoms on the trees are just the start of leaf growth.

Seeds being planted now will yield beautiful plants and then vegetables in the late summer months.

You have time.

Growth naturally takes time.

Our modern-day society expects immediate results.

But even fast growth doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to manage this extra Spring energy.

Here’s a quick and easy exercise to help calm and reground you when you are feeling frustrated, pressured, or overwhelmed.

Tap the side of your face with the inside of your eyebrow and cheek on the opposite side of your face as you repeat these phrases:

I am willing to release any internalized pressure knowing, little by little, all I want can happen with greater ease. 

I use this energy to inspire new ideas and plans versus pressured action right now. 

I give myself the time and space to figure out the best, most supported way forward. 

Do this on the right and left sides. 

Use the energy of Spring to spark new ideas and to inspire plans. 

Bask in the warmth of the added sunlight on your face.

This energy can support you instead of pressure you.

How will it feel best to take action to achieve what you want?

Little by little, supporting yourself and your needs as you take action is the best way forward. 😉 

Much ease and grace,


2 Replies to “Be Aware Of This Energy—How To Best Use The Energy Of Spring”

  1. I love this Lara, thank you. It came just at the right time. I am now very much enjoying releasing internalised pressure and knowing that little by little everything will happen with greater ease. I am taking a few days holiday to zoom out and integrate and start with fresh new energy after Easter.
    Sending you lots of love and gratitude, as always,


    1. So glad it resonated Kathy <3 Enjoy your time of reflection and may it bring you peace!

      So much love to you too!

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