What To Do When You Get Triggered



Life doesn’t always go as planned. 

People don’t always do what they say they will. 

Accidents happen. 

We get sick or injured. 

Misunderstandings occur.

People react emotionally. 

When sh-t happens, it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you. 

And, you can find security in giving yourself SLACK. 

Whenever you feel upset…

STOP and give yourself the space and time to emotionally process what is happening. 

This is an opportunity to notice what your feelings are telling you that you need right now. 

LOOK at what is happening as an observer with curiosity versus an actor in your drama.

Think to yourself….”Hmmm, what just happened that is making me feel upset? What are the facts about the situation? What is this situation showing me that I need right now?”

ACKNOWLEDGE your feelings.

Name the feeling. Is it anxiety, worry, doubt, frustration, pressure, or anger? Where do you feel it in your body?

CARE for your feelings. 

In the exercise below, I help you soothe and calm yourself by stimulating specific stress-relieving acupressure points.

Take KINESTHETIC action.

Do something that helps you feel better physically. Do something that helps you feel empowered, peaceful, or inspired. 


  • Take a bike ride or a walk in nature.
  • Dance or listen to a favorite song.
  • Draw or paint.
  • Read an inspiring book you love or watch one of your favorite movies. 

Most situations that cause an intense emotional reaction are ones that are related to a previous traumatic situation, often from childhood. 

As you give yourself SLACK whenever you are triggered, you are teaching yourself how to self-soothe. 

In giving yourself SLACK, you are teaching your central nervous system that, as an adult, you can give yourself the emotional security you needed and maybe didn’t get as a child. 

You are learning just how powerful and resilient you are in giving yourself SLACK! 

Much love, 


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  1. What amazing timing Lara. I just went through a major painful relationship rupture. This has helped me as I work through this situation. I feel better and can think clearly of how to manage the situation. I am very grateful to you for making this available at this difficult time. Thank you.

    1. So glad it could help!

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