How To Support Yourself Through Challenging Times



I will never forget the moment years ago on vacation when my boyfriend asked me to drive because he was exhausted and wanted to take a nap on the drive back to town from a water rafting trip in the mountains.

The roads were steep, and we saw trucks sliding on the road on our way there. 

I looked at him in astonishment waiting for him to remind me to, “Be careful driving on these roads,” like my father would have.

That was the moment I realized how I had embodied my father’s fears. 

My dad was an engineer and very good at problem-solving. He wanted to help me avoid problems he had faced. 

His cautions came from a well-meaning place but disarmed my confidence, nonetheless. 

With that realization, I gave myself the pep talk I needed and began to re-parent myself. 

“Yes, the roads were steep and winding, but I am a great driver. And, if I just go slow, I can handle all the turns with ease.” 

Supporting myself through that fear, helped me start to trust myself more.

When you give yourself what you need, you can nurture yourself through the discomfort of any hurdle in life 😉 

Growth and the changes it take are nerve-racking. Doing anything new is likely to raise doubt or fear because it’s a divergence from your familiar. 

Andyou can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you give yourself what you need to be successful.

When you feel stuck or are procrastinating, something is not right.

You need something else to feel more comfortable to proceed.

You may need a pep talk or to remind yourself of your proven capabilities. 

You may need more information to make a decision or to take action. 

You may need more rest or more inspiration before you begin.

Tap To Trust Tapping Exercise:

Think about something you want to do this year for yourself. 

Now think about any hurdles you feel are in your way. 

Now, try this with me.

This is an Energy Balancing Exercise to help balance energy through the:

  • Stomach Meridian – Emotional Themes: worry or trusting the process of life
  • Liver Meridian – Emotional Themes: criticism or nurturing self. 

Tapping these points can help you re-pattern critical fear responses like the one I shared above and understand how you can nurture yourself through any tough circumstance.

And, nurturing yourself through tough times can help you trust yourself more. 

The same way you would turn to a supportive friend, you can begin to access your own inner strength on a regular basis.

Tap the front of your right cheek with the front of your left ribcage as you read these phrases:  

When I feel stuck or fearful, I can check in and see why I am feeling this way and what I need to feel more secure. 

As I nurture myself, I can support myself through any upset or hurdle. 

As I honor my heart’s needs, I can feel content and satisfied as I work toward my goals. 

Now switch sides…

Tap the front of your left cheek with the front of your right ribcage as you read these phrases:

As I take the time to satisfy myself and soothe myself, I am inspiring my own growth and making it easier and more fun.

As I support myself, I believe in myself.

I can trust and believe in myself. 

How do you feel now when you think about those perceived hurdles?

What can you do for yourself today that would help make whatever you are approaching easier?

What could help? 

  • Some space and time to ponder what you need?
  • A nap?
  • More information or advice from a trusted resource?
  • Inspiration to get you going? An inspiring movie about something similar? Listening to your favorite song right before you begin taking action? 

You know better than anyone else what you need to make anything easier. 

Give yourself this gift and the support you have always wanted, and you will be building the proof that you can trust yourself to do just about anything you set your mind to 😉

So much love!


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