How To Benefit From The Energy Of The New Moon



Astrology often wows me. 

It never ceases to amaze me when I find myself or my clients experiencing what I read is happening from my favorite astrologers.

Today there is a new moon in Leo. 

It carries the vibration of abundance, joy, and creativity. It is a beautiful New Moon for checking in with the flow of our lives and if we are where we want to be.

Some days, life tends to pass in a blur. We get caught up in the rush and swept up in the flow of our past actions and beliefs. But July’s New Moon is a good time to pause and consider the direction of our lives.

All week I have been thinking about this question from Martha Beck…

“What do you yearn for?

Are you selling that out for what you think you should want?”

The Pandemic changed a lot for a lot of people. 

It showed us we don’t need a lot of what we thought we needed. 

It also showed us what mattered most. 

In thinking about how I want to structure my business this fall…

Each day, I have been asking myself…

What parts of your day bring you the most satisfaction and joy? 

What matters most now? 

There is another strong energy around the time of this New Moon. 

The Uranus North Node conjunction is about raising our collective destiny. The things that we once relied on may not feel so reliable anymore. Our values and the things we depend on as a society is changing. But all of this is in an effort to escalate our collective consciousness.

A certain amount of chaos is inevitable on this journey, and we may see some of that triggered around this New Moon. 

No matter what is happening, your own heart knows the best way forward for you, if you can listen for its wisdom. 

So, for the next few days, I invite you to ponder…

What do you yearn for?

What does your heart and soul crave? 

Is this different from what you thought you wanted? 

When you fulfill your heart and soul’s yearning, you fuel your ability to be your best self. 

How can you begin to give yourself some of what you crave today?

What you give your energy to grows 😉 

So much love,


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