How To Release Fear About Having What You Want



Are you really ready to have what you want? 

While you may want and think you are ready to have…

  • A fulfilling, intimate partnership 
  • A baby 
  • A new career with more recognition for your work

If you don’t have these things, there is likely some fear around having them. 

A theme in my client sessions this week was comfortability in being seen and heard. 

One of my clients was feeling impatient about meeting a partner, so I asked her to say this statement to see her reaction. 

To her surprise, she got really nervous when she said…

“It is safe to be seen and heard by someone to whom I am attracted.” 

Bingo! — We found the fear block! 

(If any of these things are what you want too, read the phrases associated with them and see how they feel for you.)

When another client felt anxiety well up in her gut and stomach as she said this phrase out loud —“I am ready to be pregnant and have a baby.”

We discovered a similar fear was in the way. 

When I tested to see the fear driving this, the same phrase came up, and she acknowledged that she was concerned about all the attention that would be placed on her by her family when she got pregnant. 

When another client was preparing a pitch for a consulting plan, she found herself immobilized by anxiety and stuck in procrastination. 

A similar fear was stopping her. 

Since she couldn’t prepare the pitch, she decided to go into the meeting and just ask questions to get clearer on the potential client’s needs. And what she discovered was that she didn’t want to consult for this company. 

While she felt she could help, the management structure wasn’t in place to facilitate any plan she would create. 

Her procrastination was a sign to tap in, to listen to her inner voice, and to hear what she was feeling about this potential project. 

The lesson for all three of these clients was the same…

It IS safe to be seen, heard, and acknowledged when you are clear about what you want and make requests or set boundaries that honor your needs.

When something isn’t happening fast enough, there is probably some fear in the way. 

The good news is your feelings are great guides. 

And it generally takes time for what you want to occur. 

While we want things to be more immediate in our lives, we ACTUALLY NEED time to get comfortable with new experiences. 

When you meet someone you like, you have time to get to know them before you completely open up and get emotionally or physically intimate. 

You can make sure you feel comfortable first. 

You have a good 3-4 months after you get pregnant before it’s advised to share it with people, so you have time to get clear on what you need and make requests that honor your heart. 

Any work project or new job takes time to come to fruition.

You have time to feel what is going to work or not moving forward and discuss a plan that satisfies your needs.  

So, as you think about anything you want, know you have time and space to figure out how any change can feel more comfortable for you. 

If there is something you want, but don’t have yet…

Sit in this crossed posture with one ankle crossed over the other, right over left, or vice versa, whatever feels most comfortable. 

Then stretch your arms out in front of you with the backs of your hands facing one another, cross your arms, clasp your hands together, and rest them on your lap as you repeat this phrase about 11x. Rate how you feel about doing this new thing before and after you do this exercise. 

It IS safe to  ________________ (add what you want) because I can make requests or set boundaries that honor my needs as things change. 

You’ve got this. 

Any anxiety, resistance, or procrastination is just your body’s way of saying, “You need more support.”

Just figure out what you need, and ask for it.

When you are supported, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

Much love,


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