Some of My Favorite Things



When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I’m feeling sad.
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!

Here are some of my Favorite Things that I love giving as gifts, all under $25, $50, and $100!

So, here they are, little, special gifts that have brought joy to my life…

1.) Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt by Nicola

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE TRUFFLE SALT, because it improves the taste of EVERYTHING! It makes veggies unbelievable! The least expensive brand is my favorite, because it is so fine.
Truffle salt gives you the same wonderful flavor of truffles, AND it doesn’t lose it’s flavor over time like the oil, because it’s preserved in salt. It makes eating healthy oh so much more fabulous. My favorite, most loved salad recipe is below! This might be something you give to yourself!


  • Throw pre-washed organic spinach into a bowl with chopped celery, chives and red cabbage.
  • Sauté pine nuts in olive oil and add while hot to bowl with olive oil, truffle salt, and the juice from half a lemon.

**It’s also amazing on eggs scrambled with shallots!

2.) Boundary Boss Book and Workbook

I gifted this book to my cousin last year, and after a week, she sent me a text saying that it was already making a difference in her life. This revolutionary and fun book by my pal and exceptional psychotherapist, Terri Cole, can grant the freedom and expansion that comes with good boundaries to yourself and loved ones. It’s a great gift for anyone who is overworked or over-giving in their life.  

3.) Prosperity Candle

I received this gift at a Debbie Phillips, Women on Fire retreat, and it felt so good to receive a gift that helped another woman and was a symbol of how women-supporting-women can change the world. Prosperity Candle partners with women, providing them with a unique opportunity through candle-making: an opportunity to not only survive—but to truly thrive. Every candle is a vehicle for social change and global connection. In the shadows of conflict and in the aftermath of disasters, women are often left alone to rebuild their lives and support their families.
You can help empower women in distressed areas of the world now, just by giving a gift.

4.) Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm moisturizes and gives a little color, so your lips look naturally beautiful! I wear this instead of lipstick most days because it gives a little color, lots of needed moisture, and it feels great on my lips! Red Dahlia is my favorite color. This, along with Burt’s Bee’s awesome hand cream could make a complete gift, or use as a stocking stuffer!

5.) My Favorite Book About Angels, ‘tis a good season to connect

I first physically felt angels after reading Lorna Byrne’s book, Angels In My Hair. It is about her life growing up in Ireland seeing angels. Lorna’s parents and family thought she was mentally disabled; just imagine how she might have seemed as a baby, seeing and communicating with angels whom no one else saw. She was almost sent away to an institution a few times. But despite a pretty rough life – being misunderstood, poor, and having a sickly husband – she managed to live a full and rich life. Having access to angels gave her an unending source of Divine Love, Protection, and Guidance. This book has opened many of my clients to feeling angels as well, a special gift!

6.) Vibrant Blue Oils

I love these oils and this company. You can shop by remedy, and give someone you love the relief and healing power of essential oils. Each oil comes with instructions on how to use it, complete with pictures of acu-point locations. I can vouch for the quality and effectiveness of these oils-they work!

7.) Tangle Teezer

It may look like just a brush, but it is life changing! It untangles wet and dry hair with total ease. My little nieces would argue with their mom every time she went to brush their hair, and they now love to do it themselves, thanks to Auntie Lara.

8.) Hand Held Massager

This is something I use daily! It is the most effective massager I have ever used for relieving muscle tension and tightness. You simply hold it over muscle knots for 10-20 seconds and feel them vibrate away! It’s magic! 

9.) Bath Bombs!

I stop at Lush when I want to treat myself! Their bath bombs are all natural, smell amazing, and make a hot bath a magical experience! What a treat for someone you love!

10.) Last and probably the goofiest! Your dog’s face on socks!

If you know any dog lovers, this is perfect! I am getting these for everyone I know that has a pup this year, including myself, lol! I believe they do cats, too! 


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