Three Magic Words To Help You Exhale And Alleviate Holiday Overwhelm 



Got your list of holiday To-Do’s?

Me too.

And feeling immediate stress when you start to think about it? 

Me too.

Literally, the day after Thanksgiving, several neighbors’ Christmas lights went up, and I began to feel overwhelm creeping in. 

When we moved into this new home in July, one of the things I was excited to do was to decorate for the holidays. 

I had a magical plan, then…

My son got sick with a cold that turned to croup, then morphed into an ear infection. 

Life happened. 

All the time I would normally have to execute my holiday dream was, poof…gone 🙁 

The magical three words that calmed the internalized worry about my son, and the holiday pressure I was feeling…

Ready for them?

Little by little. 

I reminded myself, Little by Little is ACTUALLY the way MOST things happen.

Yet, in our society, we have the expectation that if things don’t happen in an instant, something is wrong. 

Yet, little by little is nature’s way.

Little by little, the seasons change.

Little by little plants grow. 

Little by little is the more realistic and sustainable way we grow and get goals accomplished too. 

Little by little is the way we heal. It takes time. It took a week, but my son is feeling better, and I think his brain needed a break.

Miraculously, he has had some big developmental breakthroughs after resting.

Little by little, I have gotten some small bit of decorating done every few days, and I have enjoyed doing it because I gave myself the gift of space and time. 

Want to give yourself this gift and exhale?

This calming pose helped me alleviate the frustration and time pressure I was feeling along with the three magic words I shared above;)

Try this with me, as you think about your holiday to-do list. 

Place one hand on the side of your face. Then, place your other hand around the wrist that’s resting on your face, as you think about all you want to do, and take a few deep breaths as you focus on where you feel tension or constriction in your body. 

Settle into this position. 

You can rest your head in your hand with your elbow supported by your desk or your knee.

Or try this laying down on your side, especially if your racing mind is keeping you from sleep. 

You are stimulating key acupressure points which help you release internalized stress and pressure, so you can trust the process of life. 

Repeat these magic words in your head with me as you continue to take slow, deep breaths…

“I let go of the pressure of needing to get everything done today. 

Little by little, I can get it all done in little steps over time.

Little by little, I can get it all done with ease over time.”

Repeat these statements 2 more times. 

Notice how this affects you. 

How does it feel to take the pressure off? 

How does it feel to give yourself more space and time? 

In little bits, we can get it all done with more softness, ease, fun and grace.

Much love,


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