Thanksgiving was RUINED!



Not really; I actually had a lovely holiday, but I LOVE this quote.

I had a friend who used to say, “Christmas is ruined!” when something went wrong. It was a brilliant way to make people laugh, immediately add perspective, and diffuse a tense situation when the people around her were upset or aggravated. Thanks Sonia!

I highly suggest belting this phrase out this holiday season when anything goes wrong, as it pretty much guarantees a laugh or at least a smile if you say it with the right intonation.

Most people have experienced a holiday that was less than stellar for whatever reason. 

Maybe the pie you baked didn’t turn out so well; maybe the kids got sick; maybe the gift you were psyched to give wasn’t the hit you expected it would be; maybe you just felt lonely. 

Whatever happened, your upset was most likely intensified by an expectation, which could have been influenced by a commercial, TV show or movie, AKA fantasy.

The holiday scenes on TV, especially in commercials, are amazing! 

And I am here to remind you, those scenes are set up by teams of professional set design people whose only job it is to create the scene for fantasy. 

Regular life usually isn’t quite so grand. We are human, accidents happen, family disagreements occur, plans get ruined or canceled.  

In several famous holiday films, the story revolves around the main character being less than perfect…

George Bailey in A Wonderful Life considered himself a failure. 

Rudolf, with his weird, red nose was teased, excluded and called names.

We have all screwed up something in our lives and probably felt weird or alone at some point too. 

And it’s actually our human imperfections which bond us. 

That is why these movies still resonate today. 

So instead of striving to create the perfect holiday this season and building an expectation around what that might look like, I invite you to focus on how you want to feel instead. 

Let the energy of how you want to feel dictate your choices and how you act. 

If your intention is to have fun and enjoy yourself, but your layer cake is leaning, you might name it “The Leaning Pisa Cake”, and enjoy sharing this joke and the cake with your guests. My husband’s Thanksgiving efforts were “not ruined” because we had fun Ooooing and Ahhhhing over his delicious Pisa Cake this past weekend!

If you want to have ease and peace, maybe you choose not to give gifts this year and instead exchange stories of fun times from holidays past. 

If you want more love and connection, and find yourself feeling lonely, see if there is a place you could donate your time and connect with others while helping some people in need. 

Or take this time to connect with your own heart, and give yourself some soothing self care, maybe with a peppermint essential oil bath or just snuggling up with your coziest blanket watching a favorite holiday movie.

Your holiday doesn’t have to look a certain way. 

Connection, peace, love, joy…all these feelings can be expressed in so many different ways. 

Let the energy of how you want to feel motivate you. 

And stay open to all the many, and even messy, ways these emotions might be expressed. 

Rudolf made a name for himself and his nose lighting the way through horrible, messy, foggy weather.

After George Bailey made what he thought was the biggest mistake of his life, he realized how appreciated he was when all the friends chipped in to help him. 

When a friend found her 6 year old child covered in flour and broken eggs on the kitchen floor after she had tried to make pancakes for her parents last Saturday morning, all she could do was sigh, pick her up, and love her in all her good intended messiness.

So, I ask you to keep this in mind as you go about all your holiday endeavors…

How can you love yourself and the people around you even if it’s messy this holiday season?

Your energy matters.

So much love, 


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