3 Magic Words to stop your brain spiral…



My head’s been spinning since the school year started. You know that feeling? Alright, glad I’m not alone! 

There’s a lot happening all at once. 

There are new teachers, drop-off and pick-up times for James, doctor appointments and new business plans for me. All exciting, but all…new. 

As I waited impatiently at a stop light, my brows furrowed because I had 5 minutes to get JP to school on time, I took a deep breath and settled myself with one of my favorite mantras. 

Three magical words that have lightened 100 lb mental loads and helped me face Kilimanjaro high to-do lists. 

Ready for them?….

Little by little. 

Little by little is ACTUALLY the way everything gets done. 

You and I both wish that, when the morning alarm rings, POOF, everything would be done in one fell swoop…and done perfectly. 

But ever notice that when things happen too quickly, it’s tough to handle the change?

That when people reach massive levels of success or stardom in a seemingly short amount of time, they often can’t handle it? 

Because it’s more realistic and sustainable doing things little by little.

This simple shift in your expectations has an immediate energetic effect. 

Ready to exhale? 

So you’ve got a huge writing deadline next month, and you haven’t even put pen to paper.

You are taking the lead on a high-level project at the office.

You don’t know how you’re going to lose the weight or get through physical therapy for your injury…

Think about whatever overwhelming task you are facing.

Place one hand on the side of your face. Then, place your other hand around the wrist that’s resting on your face. 

Settle into this position. 

You can rest your head in your hand with your elbow supported by your desk or your knee.

Or try this laying down on your side, especially if your raving mind is keeping you from sleep 😉

You are stimulating key acupressure points which help you release internalized stress and pressure so you can trust the process of life. 

Repeat these magic words in your head with me….

“Little by little, I can get it all accomplished, with greater ease, in good time. 

Little by little, I can get it all done, with greater ease, over time.

Little by little, it’s all happening with more and more ease and grace.”

Repeat these statements 2 more times. 

Notice how this affects you. 

How does it feel to give yourself more space and time? 

Does it feel any easier to take the first little step?

I believe you and I both can.

And we can do it with softness, ease and grace. 

Much love,


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  1. Bless you, Lara! Great appreciation for your expertise and being the model.

    1. Blessings to YOU, Michelle! So glad this resonated for you 🙂

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