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Can’t sleep lately?

Waking up between 3-5am? 

You are not alone!

Many of my clients, my husband and myself included, have been waking up feeling wired and restless.

There is something in the air, actually, in astrology right now.

For years, I have seen a marked increase in the number of clients complaining of insomnia during planetary retrogrades, especially Mercury Retrograde, which tends to affect the central nervous system. 

So if you are experiencing…

  • Insomnia
  • Muscular tightness, especially in the neck and chest
  • Physical and emotional restlessness

You are not alone, and you may benefit from an Electric Reset. 

It feels as if this astrological shift is overstimulating to our central nervous systems, and our electrical systems need to be rebooted, just like an overloaded fuse needs to be reset.

I was excited to see this article in about how Mercury Retrograde can affect your sleep, as it was confirmation of what I have been witnessing for years! 

 MindBodyGreen’s resident astrologists, the AstroTwins, shared……

Each planet governs different parts of the body, and in the case of Mercury, it’s associated with our nervous system, among other things.

It goes without saying that anyone with an unsettled nervous system is going to have a tough time relaxing into a good night’s sleep. And on top of that, our minds may be working overtime during Mercury retro to make sense of all the scrambled information. (As it has been known to affect technology, transportation and communication prompting us to review how we interact.) 

As we find ourselves reuniting with people from the past, reassessing memories, and revising certain areas of our life, all this “revision” can seep into our sleep—and our dreams.”

Oh, I forgot to mention, vivid dreams! During this time, both my clients and I tend to experience a heightened dream state in which day time stressors get worked out and processed. 

To help you better navigate and even benefit from the energy present at this time…

#1 Check out the video below for the quick, easy, and calming exercise that can help you get a more restful night’s sleep during this time. And be sure to download the pdf instructions here. I suggest printing them and having them at your bedside to help you drift off at bedtime or in the middle of the night if needed  

Feel free to share this link with anyone who may need it:

#2 Pay attention to your dreams and see what your subconscious might be trying to tell you. Mercury Retrograde tends to bring up situations that nudge you to change things for the better. What you pay attention to grows. When considering the meaning of your dreams, ponder why you are feeling anxious or stressed in your dream scenario. Then think about what you want or how you could support yourself better in this same scenario. Does this situation mirror anything happening in your real life? 

#3 Be conscious of what and how you are communicating. During this time, communication tends to go awry. So take the extra time to be clear, reiterate, follow up, and don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t hear back from someone. And, be aware that others may be more frustrated than usual, so give yourself some time to think through your responses, and see where another person is coming from before you react. Think about what actions and words best convey what you want from a big picture standpoint versus what you feel in the moment. Speak from your heart with love instead of lack. 

#4 WRITE STUFF DOWN and BACK UP YOUR FILES! Mental clarity tends to be off as well. Awareness is at 75% so as long as you proceed with caution, you will be fine. Sending deadlines and appointment reminders to others is a great idea too! Backing up files will save you a lot of grief if Mercury affects your technology. Also, think about what systems could make your life easier with technology.

#5 Try to stay open, easy, and compassionate. People tend to express their viewpoints with greater passion during this time, and get attached to “being right.” Being prepared to stay open to new ideas and possibilities may save you angst, annoyance, and frustration and also provide new opportunities or ways of looking at your world.

Much love, ease, and rest,


8 Replies to “Insomnia Relief at Your Fingertips”

  1. Thank you Lara. I didn’t sleep much last night. Couldn’t fall asleep, but recently I have woken at 3-4. But as soon as I hit the points, especially the upper one, I yawned happily through your entire presentation. Thank you so much. I will definitely use this is I awaken again.

    1. Wow!!!!!!! That is such great news! So glad it helped ease you back to sleep 😉

      1. Hi Lara,
        I knew you’d have a great tip for insomnia. I have it from time to time, but I sent this page to my Mom who has chronic insomnia and anxiety. Your voice is so confident and calming that I hope she goes for it. I will definitely follow up with her. Thank you!

        1. Oh I hope it brings her some relief!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with her <3333

          Much love,

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Lara! I have been waking up about 3:45 am consistently, ugh.

    1. Keep on trying this hold, and we’ll look for more solutions <3


  3. I’ll be trying this tonight, it worked at releasing tension when I did it with you so I’m excited to see if it keeps me from waking at 3. I also still sleep with my cat who wakes me at that time too so this very informative email is also serving as a reminder to not sleep with my cat;)
    Love you so much and am so grateful to have you and your wisdom in my life💗

    1. Lol, the cat cuddles are great, but the waking up…not so much 😉 hope it helps!
      Much love to you Mindy,

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