Big Astrological Energy This Week + The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself



One of the astrologers I follow, CHANI, shared this about the New Moon that appeared yesterday. 

It’s a New Moon in Cancer, so it’s going to help us to get down to the root of an emotion or to uncover some kind of feeling or deep need that we have.

There might be a lot of new beginnings. Because that New Moon is sitting in opposition to Pluto, it does feel intense, and cathartic, and emotionally charged.

It’s a really good New Moon to make an intention to commit to your nourishment in whatever way you know you need to nourish yourself now….. think about the ways in which you’re learning to re-parent yourself.”

So many of us learned to treat our feelings the way our parents did when we were kids. 

Good girls and boys didn’t act out or express emotion. 

We also did what we were told, which taught us to subjugate our own needs. 

But, in reality, doing the exact opposite is a better way to navigate growth and the astrological energy present this week.

Instead, ask yourself frequently…

‘What do I need right now?’ 

‘What might help me feel better, ground me, and give me clarity?’

On Thursday, Mars makes an opposition to Saturn, and CHANI says this might mirror a problem or obstacle that we’ve got to contend with. 

She advises us to give ourselves more space and time and to zoom out and be strategic in dealing with these obstacles.

These hard Mars / Saturn moments, they’re exceptionally clarifying.” You might discover, “the exact skill that I need to develop. This is the exact thing that I need to know.”

My suggestion: think about how you would feel if this situation worked out in your favor, and give yourself some form of self care that provides you with that same energy. 

Like energy attracts like energy. And everything feels easier when you feel better. 

So if you want to feel more confident, listen to a song that helps you embody that or fitness that gets you in your body and helps you feel strong or free, like bike riding does for me 😉 

From an empowered state, you will have a greater ability to be strategic and creative when faced with any problem. 

Then on Friday the Sun makes an opposition to Pluto – So, again, it feels like a deep, cathartic moment where something gets uncovered, where we are faced with a power differential. There’s something that could get exposed. Like a light is being shone on something that’s usually underground.”

CHANI goes on to say, this could be something that affects your life personally or a more societal issue. 

Again, I invite you to pay attention to how you are feeling, and practice self care to help ground yourself in your own truth. 

Then, Venus stations retrograde in Leo on Saturday. 

This is dramatic, theatrical – it’s, like, lights, camera, action, ‘I’m ready for my

close-up.’ And the close-up is Venus, which is our relationships, the way we value each other, the ways in which we can center what we value in our relationships and in our lives.

This is about beauty. This is about art. This is about the creative force, the creative muses, hopefully, that we entertain, and feed, and devote ourselves to.”

So again, I ask you, what can you give yourself that fills your heart or fuels your soul’s bliss? 

When you give yourself inspiration and energy that supports you, you feel your best and fuel your own growth. 

Whatever happened this week, you have the resources to grow through it. 

Just give yourself some SLACK.

  1. STOP and give yourself the space and time to emotionally process what is happening. 

This is an opportunity to notice what your feelings are telling you that you need right now. 

  1. LOOK at what is happening as an observer with curiosity versus an actor in your drama.

Think to yourself….”Hmmm, what just happened that is making me feel upset? What are the facts about the situation? What is this situation showing me that I need right now?”

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE your feelings.

Name the feeling. Is it anxiety, worry, doubt, frustration, pressure, or anger? Where do you feel it in your body?

  1. CARE for your feelings. 

In this exercise, I help you soothe and calm yourself by stimulating specific stress-relieving acupressure points.

  1. Take KINESTHETIC action.

Do something that helps you feel better physically. Do something that helps you feel empowered, peaceful, or inspired. 


  • Take a bike ride or a walk in nature.
  • Dance or listen to a favorite song.
  • Draw or paint.
  • Read an inspiring book that you love, or watch one of your favorite movies. 

Doing these things can give you the energy and inspiration to face any challenge with confidence. 

In giving yourself SLACK, you are teaching your central nervous system that, as an adult, you can give yourself the emotional security you needed, and maybe didn’t get, as a child. 

You are learning just how powerful and resilient you are! 

So much love, 


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