Recurring Animal Sightings: What Could They Mean?



At the end of the day, my assistant came into my office with scary news. 

She had just seen a massive cockroach! 

She was able to get it, but you know what that means…..

When there is one, there are probably more. Yikes!

We had NEVER seen them in the studio before! 

The next day, she saw another one that got away.

As someone who is squeamish around bugs of all kinds, I was on the verge of freaking out. 

Why was this happening? 

Then there was another one! Three is a charm. I got the message. 

I called an exterminator AND looked up the spiritual message/meaning of cockroaches. 

Apparently, cockroaches represent the ability to survive, to adapt and to thrive in any circumstance.

Makes sense. Scientists have marveled at the cockroach’s ability to withstand radioactive environments and to thrive with limited resources.

At that time, I was contemplating a move from a big office to a smaller, more manageable studio space on the professional floor of my apartment building. 

After I got my spiritual message from those cockroaches, we never saw them again. 

I canceled the exterminator. 

The message of the cockroaches rang true; I did adapt easily, and both my business and I thrived in my new studio space. 

My commute was a walk through my building, so awesome! 

This year, moths paid me a visit. 

They ate unrepairable holes in two favorite sweaters and helped me put things into perspective. 

When I showed my husband the sweaters, and told him about our BIG PROBLEM, he replied, “This is not a big problem. No one is sick. These are just sweaters. Why don’t you look up and see what the spiritual meaning of moths is? Maybe this is a message.” 

Another representative from the bug family was giving me guidance. 

As Dawn Baumann Brunke, author of the book Animal Teachings, says,

Relating to themes of beginnings, endings, working with the moth on a spiritual level is often an invitation to become more fluid in easing through change, as well as working in both the physical and spiritual worlds. ‘In general, Moths helps us to celebrate transitions rather than fear them, and so awaken to larger experiences,’ she says, adding, ‘They may bring messages to us, insights, guidance or advice.” – Brunke,

Like butterflies, they transform from caterpillars into winged fliers. 

“This transformation represents the transformation possible within all of us when we work with this creature’s medicine, even when it’s not always comfortable or easy.” – Sarah Regan,

As I begin to prepare for our move out of the city and into our new home, I have had to do extra energy work to calm myself down.

I can feel myself revving up into over-functioning mode as a way to “be prepared” for this big change. 

Both my husband and I are SUPER excited to move! We literally can’t wait to have more space, a backyard and to be away from the noise and bustle of the city.

AND, as I tell clients ALL the time, moving is one of the top three stressors. 

It’s amazing how even positive changes bring about physical stress.

Thank you to my dear moths and husband for helping me put things into perspective and to notice how I, and we all, can navigate change with less pressure and more gentleness.

As I feel my body revving up, throughout my day, I do this simple, quick exercise to calm and ground myself:

Think about any change, the ending or beginning of anything in your life, and try this with me.

Place one hand on the top of your head, over your Crown Chakra, and the other over your Solar Plexus Chakra, above your belly button, and count from 1-10 then 10-1, as you take deep breaths. You can do this laying down or seated.

This exercise helps you open to spiritual guidance and to expand your idea of what is possible. 

Your Crown Chakra is your gateway to the spiritual realm, while your Solar Plexus represents your identity center and beliefs, which affect how you see yourself in the world.

Any change is going to affect how we see ourselves in the world. 

And expectations stifle possibilities. 

Doing this simple exercise can help you open to the expansion newness can bring. 

Change can bring about way better outcomes than we could have expected or planned on our own.

Count and breathe with me through this shift into newness. 

Greater Goodness Awaits!


Since I got this message, I haven’t seen any traces of moths 😉 

If you start seeing any animal a lot, Google its spiritual meaning. Guidance sometimes comes in surprising ways. 


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  1. Lara, your wisdom is so appreciated and timely, as always! Cockroaches are literally the only ‘animal’ I DESPISE and I think maybe now that is the universe telling me something :)) So cool too that your husband can remind you of good things in a crisis 😉 Congrats on your move!

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