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Ding dong, Mercury Retrograde is finally over! It went direct on Monday! 

While we will be in a shadow phase for two weeks, the energy is already feeling lighter!

The days after Mercury stations direct can be a potent time.

You can experience greater clarity about whatever issues you have been facing during Mercury Retrograde.

So, I invite you to reflect and look back over the past three weeks to see what went wrong, and how it affected you. 

Did anything happen that helped you change for the better? 

For me, during this retrograde, simple tasks that should have taken less time wound up being more complicated and taking way longer. 

One day after things didn’t go as planned and as overwhelm began to set in, I stopped and took a time out. 

Rather than going into high function mode to get everything done AND likely whip myself into a frenzy in the process, I prioritized the one thing I could get accomplished in the time I had and planned the other tasks on another day. 

The relief and expansion that was created was HUGE. 

When I shared this realization with a friend, she said, “Me Too!”

She had several technology snafus that in the past would have thrown her into a tailspin. 

When she realized the situation was out of her control, she was able to take some deep breaths, do what she could, and let go of the pressure to control what she couldn’t. 

It wasn’t the end of the world that I couldn’t get it all done or that she got kicked offline during an important meeting. 

And, making wellbeing a priority felt good for both of us. 

As we move out of retrograde and Jupiter moves into Taurus, I invite you to notice what you learned, how you can grow from all that happened AND the expansion this can bring you! 

Jupiter in Taurus is very fertile. It’s very fecund. Jupiter is the planet that brings about bounty, and wisdom, and relaxation, and openness. Jupiter is the big ‘yes’. So, if we think big, if we act expansively – if we move with trust and faith in our lives, and ourselves, and our ability to meet the moment – Jupiter loves that and tends to meet us or help us to unlock some kind of potential.”

You made it through Mercury Retrograde and all the twists and turns it brought you. 

In so many cases, even when things go wrong, we manage them better than expected. 

Our worst fears rarely come true. 

So I invite you to acknowledge how you managed and maybe even grew the last few weeks, and see if you can let go, trust yourself and have faith in the process of life. 

I know this can be tough. 

I have felt in my own body the habituated internalized pressure to go, go, go and do, do, do to solve problems and manage life. 

So, I made you an exercise to help you let go and have faith. 

What if you could get everything accomplished with less pressure, and greater ease over more time?

What if you could release the need to control outcomes and allow yourself to be present to the power you have in each moment to support yourself? 

How might life feel more expansive with less pressure and the need to control outcomes? 

Ready to let go? Try this exercise with me. 

I have been doing this every morning and feeling tension release as I exhale and get present to all that is possible without expecting that it has to be hard 😉

Please feel free to share this blog and exercise with anyone you know who could use more ease in their life with this easy link:

So much love, 


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