How To Support Yourself Through The Difficult Energies Present Right Now



How have you been feeling the last few days?

The last few days for me have been rough.

As an empath, I was feeling the heightened emotions of the collective around the US midterm election, as the potent energy of the lunar eclipse was ungrounding and unsettling. 

The combination of these energies has been exhausting.

Maybe you were feeling this, too? 

As I was sharing some insights with my Tuesday night coaching group from Chani Nicholas, a brilliant astrologer I follow, I realized something big!

During this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, the effects of which we will be feeling for weeks to come…

Conflicting energies are playing out. 

Uranus, the planet of change, innovation, awakening, and challenging the status quo is active right now, and its energy is juxtaposed with the controlling energy of Saturn, the planet of rules, regulations, and confines. 

Chani brilliantly made sense of how we can utilize both these energies…

The more we individually and collectively embrace the limitations that we are now in, the more creative we will be forced to be in terms of problem-solving.

– Chani Nicholas

When I read this, I thought, “Wow! This is how we get unstuck as a collective and personally in our own lives.”

Within you, in each chakra, there is a connection to unlimited wisdom, abundance, and creativity. 

Because it is through your chakras that you are energetically connected to All That Is.

Also within your chakras is your history, what you perceive is possible based on your and your ancestry’s past—- your limitations. 

The Wisdom within your chakras knows you are capable of having a more fulfilling life, yet your learned beliefs are the confines keeping you from manifesting more. 

What you believe you should and shouldn’t do is held in your chakras and so is the capacity to love. 

Love transcends a lot–hate, fear, and physical limitations.

The love for the Olympics brings countries together.

Love for music gets people of different political beliefs dancing together to the same beat.

Loving what you are doing can sustain you through hardships.

Loving your children helps you through sleepless nights of caregiving.

Acknowledging and actively giving yourself things you love in your life helps you feel good and look good, too.

I asked each member of the coaching group to share three things they loved about their lives.

From the mention of cozy blankets to roses in the backyard to the cuddles of pups, the giggles of children, and the thrill of learning new things, each person’s face lit up.

Love looked great on everyone.

Who they are, the love inside them shined through. 

This simple acknowledgment exercise helped each person feel the abundance in their lives. 

When you feel you have enough and are supported in your life, it gives you faith in yourself and in your dreams. 

So to help you move through this eclipse period with greater ease, I invite you to make a list of the simple things you love about your life.

Then nurture yourself by making sure you give yourself the time to experience these life-loves on a daily basis. 

After feeling off balance and needing to ground myself three times on Tuesday, I woke up grounded and feeling good Wednesday after doing this exercise with my class the night before. 

Getting present to this abundance has both a positive emotional and physical effect.

And, I invite you to join me next week for my Big Beautiful Breakthrough Workshop – How To Let Go And Have Faith, in which I will be showing you how to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you and access the wisdom of each chakra, and find faith. 

You have a powerful connection within you to All That Is and the guidance and faith that connection provides.

It would be my pleasure to help you access it and be able to use it on a daily basis. 

Much love and abundance,


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