11/11-11:11! Don’t miss this Powerful Manifesting Moment Today!



This is a powerful manifesting moment for us!


To get the most out of this energy today, please do the exercise below, and to help you experience a deeper connection and maintain that connection to your Divine Guidance, I am doing a Big Beautiful Breakthrough Workshop – How To Let Go And Have Faith next Wednesday, check it out here!

In numerology, repeating numbers are considered Master Numbers and thought to have a higher vibration. They are associated with connecting with your divinity and aligning with your highest self.

Throughout the last two years through the Pandemic and this politically volatile time, I have been seeing repeating numbers like,  1:11, 2:22, 3:33.

You, too?

Seeing these repeating numbers is a sign that The Divine is more present than ever to help us choose love versus lack consciousness.

Having FOUR 1’s standing side by side–11 11–symbolizes two doors opening before you. With the spiritual meaning associated with the master number 11, some interpret these doors as the entrance connecting earth to the spiritual realm.

You could say, today, the doors are open and giving you the chance to align your earthly thoughts and actions with your soul’s desires and highest purpose!

To take full advantage of this auspicious time, when the veil is thin and manifesting power higher…

Throughout your day today, please think about what you want for yourself and for our society.

And focus your attention on —


This is SUPER important!

The Law of Attraction works with energy, not thoughts or words. So, it’s important to be aware of the energy and emotion you are embodying when you are thinking about what you want to manifest, especially today!

Answering these questions can help you get into an excited, inspired state and to attract positive energy toward the manifestation of your dreams during this auspicious time!

Just finish these statements:

1. HOW COOL IT WILL BE WHEN__________________.

2. I am going to feel sooooo ___________,___________ and___________ when this happens!

(Add how you will feel in the spaces–excited, relieved, balanced, at peace, grounded, thrilled, elated, happy)

And for extra credit, do the Feelization Meditation so you can get inside your manifestation, and imagine all the amazing possibilities that could come with it for you and for our world!

This is how I manifested my dream office! When I was feeling stressed by all the extra responsibility associated with managing my first larger studio space, my husband had the idea of moving my office into a smaller, more manageable space in our building. The idea of my office being so easily accessible to home thrilled me! It was the best possible scenario, AND I was overwhelmed by all that had to happen in order for this dream to come true. I had another year on my other lease, and I had no idea if I could get a space in our building as all the professional offices had been filled with doctor’s offices that had been there for years. I wasn’t sure how these and all my other concerns would get solved.

My husband just kept the power of our dream manifestation alive by asking me these very questions!

“How cool would it be if, you could walk a flight of stairs to work?”

He kept me excited about our dream manifesting and all the joy this would bring us!

Every concern miraculously got solved. A friend took over my lease and opened his dream Pilates studio! I got my security deposit back! A perfect office space opened up in my building, which I was able to lease at an excellent rate. It all worked out beautifully!

This strategy works! And, you have a great opportunity to magnify the power of these powerful questions today!

Doing this exercise or (better yet) the Feelization Meditation at 11:11 am or pm today will give your manifestation extra spiritual energy! Set your alarms, and keep these questions inspiring positive feelings about your desires being fulfilled all day today!

Much Love and abundance!


5 Replies to “11/11-11:11! Don’t miss this Powerful Manifesting Moment Today!”

  1. Yay, yes Lara, I set my alarm for 11.11 and I was in the shower so I took the opportunity to wash away stuff and to call stuff in! xx

    1. That sounds wonderful!!

  2. Hi Lara. Saw your e-mail well after 11:11am & I’ll be asleep at 11:11pm. Will it partially work? And since it’s my birthday, do you think I have a little edge to this manifestation? lol. Always a big thank you for all you do for us. Namaste. Michelle

    1. Sure!!!!!
      Happy Birthday!!!!!
      Anytime today and you catch this energy.
      Sending you love and angels💖😇

  3. Thank you Lara.
    Back at you.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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