Thank You!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for being you!

You have touched my heart and filled my life with purpose!

Thank you for being beautiful, honest, open, loving, forward thinking, kind, inspiring, helpful, encouraging, and true!

Grateful for you!

I wish you all the magic that you are!

I just had to share this touching verse from Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader.

When I read it, I thought, “to whom would I say every one of these thoughts?” The answer, Life. This could be a lovely way to start off each day.

Dear Life, 

“Thank you for teaching me how to love.

Thank you for teaching me not to be afraid, or to be afraid and to live anyway.

Thank you for showing me what is possible.

Thank you for teaching me to care.

Thank you for helping me become confident enough that I didn’t need your help (now, I only want your help.)

Thank you for showing me that I’m worth it.

Thank you for letting me help you.

Thank you for letting me sit with me fear, so that I could learn to live.

Thank you for being there when being alone just wasn’t enough.” 

This is just one of many verses in the beautiful Thanksgiving Reader Seth Godin created.

In his own words, “It’s something universal and personal to do this Thanksgiving.

The idea is simple: At your Thanksgiving celebration (and yes, it’s okay to use it outside the US!), consider going around the table and having each person read a section aloud.

During these ten or fifteen minutes, millions of people will all be reading the same words, thinking about the same issues, connecting with each other over the essence of what we celebrate. After all the travel and the cooking and the hassle, for these ten or fifteen minutes, perhaps we can all breathe the same air and think hard about what we’re thankful for. It’s free to download and share. I hope you’ll let some people in your life know about it and incorporate it in your celebration this year. There’s no commercial element involved—after all, it’s Thanksgiving.”

I just LOVE this idea, and I plan to incorporate parts of it into my Thanksgiving gathering.

Pick and choose the parts that resonate with you. There are instructions, but there is no reason you can’t make this your own 😉

So much love and gratitude,

Here’s the link one more time; please check it out! So Beautiful!


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