You might need this–The Boundary Script That Even Works For Narcissists



My friend, psychotherapist and the author of Boundary Boss, Terri Cole, has gotten me more aware of how important it is for the health of your relationships to be able to set boundaries with those you love. 

In my Big Beautiful Breakthrough Holiday Edition….

I shared an anxiety clearing exercise that you can use to release the  fear of criticism that might stop you from speaking up.

And, I also shared a 3 step boundary setting process someone called…

The Kind And Loving Broken Record.

This is actually a fun one to use with narcissists!

Yes, it’s actually fun to disarm them with firm love 😉 Check that out below.

With the holiday less than a week away, I wanted to make sure you had this tool to help you say what you need to say with love and grace 😉 

You can do this! You can claim what gives you peace and joy this holiday regardless of others expectations 😉 

If you want to learn more of this powerful, fear clearing work, click here to see how you can work more with me in 2022!

So much love!


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