Want more peace and harmony now?



I wanted to make sure you had this quick and easy exercise at your fingertips before the holiday!

It’s as easy as touching your thumbs to your index fingers. 

Yes! Making the “OK” hand gesture, ACTUALLY can help you feel more OK (Peaceful) within yourself and in Harmony with others. 

I explain how and take you through this exercise with an added heart opener in this 5 minute video which was the finale of my Big Beautiful Breakthrough Holiday Workshop.

You can catch the rest of this powerful Holiday Workshop Here: How To Avoid Conflict And Actually Enjoy Your Family During The Holidays.

In this powerful online event, I share exercises to help you calm fears about setting boundaries and help you do what you need for yourself to make this holiday what you want it to be in own your heart.

Wishing you a warm and cozy holiday, 


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  1. Beautiful. Trying this today. May send it to the rest of my family. :). thank you and happy holidays from New Zealand.

    1. Happy Holidays!!! I hope it helps 🙂

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