The Eclipse Energy We Have Been Waiting For!



Since May 2020, we have been working our way through the Sagittarius-Gemini Eclipse cycle, but this cycle is now coming to an end and will wrap up on December 3/4, with a final New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

Reaching the endpoint in an Eclipse cycle is a significant moment. It represents arriving at a new destination. It is a point in our lives where some thing or some part of us is fully reborn and fully integrated, and ready to play an active part in our lives.

So much has unfolded in the world since May of 2020. On a collective level, there was a grieving experience that unfolded as we were all forced to change our way of living. Events were canceled, holidays were postponed, jobs were lost. And it is perhaps only now that we are starting to see just how this chain reaction of events has led us to where we stand today.

While the world was changing, so were you. 

While the world is different, so are you. 

To help you get present to how you have grown and to find clarity on how you want to approach your next life’s chapter as the new you, I invite you to ponder these questions: 

  1. First, let’s go back to May of 2020. Were there any significant happenings in your life then? 
  2. How are you different? What is non-negotiable for you now? What have you learned is most important to you now? 
  3. How does this make you feel? How can you bring this feeling into the holidays and next year? 

The holidays are moments when we reconnect with family and friends. 

This year you may be reconnecting with some people you haven’t seen in a while.

You are likely different. 

They may have changed, too.

This is an opportunity to approach the holidays and them differently. 

In my Big Beautiful Holiday Breakthrough—

How To Avoid Conflict And Actually Enjoy Your Family During the Holidays

Happening on this Wednesday, December 8th, 8:30-10:00 pm EST, we will be…

  • Doing an exercise to release negative feelings associated with past holidays so you can be present to the possibilities of connection present today.
  • Helping you become more aware of what you want and need this holiday and how to ask for it with ease and grace.
  • Strategizing how you can feel  more harmony with your family with an energy exercise and practical tips on how you can bond with your family in a way that would feel fun and fulfilling over the holidays this year!

As a thank you for being in my life I am gifting this to you. 

I wanted to give you something you could really use.

You can claim your spot here!

So much love!


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