How To Bring More Grace And Love Into Your Life



All of a sudden I was crying uncontrollably and had no idea why.

I tried to hold in my sobs, so I wouldn’t be disruptive and call attention to myself.

Here I was in the middle of this sweet, spiritual gathering, literally ugly crying and unable to stop.

We were singing Amazing Grace. 

As the song was ending, I realized

 I was being touched by…

Pure love, true grace. 

It was amazing, overwhelmingly amazing.

It was almost too much to take. 

The best way I can describe it was feeling as if I had been understood and loved in a vulnerable moment by someone who loved me X 10,000!

I was literally touched to tears and…

Through these tears, I found faith.

I had gone on this retreat to heal my blocks to finding true love. 

Love definitely found me, but not the way I had expected. 

The next song we sang was one I had grown up hearing in Catholic School, The Saint Francis of Assisi Prayer. 

Although I hadn’t been to church in years, this song felt familiar and comforting, but with new meaning. 

I hoped it’s message would stay with me forever.

Oh Master grant that I may never seek,

So much to be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand

And to be loved as to love with all my soul.

Make me a channel of your peace.

Where there is hatred let me sow love…

What I got in that moment, singing that song…

If I could access the love and grace I just felt, I would always have enough of everything I needed.

If I could access a small piece of this on a daily basis, I would always have more than enough love to give.

When I got back from this spiritual journey, I was different. 

I appreciated my life more and attracted someone who appreciated me. 

Accessing Divine Love, helped my life love find me. 

To help you access Love, Grace, and Faith so you can find light and warmth as we approach Daylight Savings and our days grow darker….

I made you this meditation. 

I actually recorded it at that same retreat where I was blessed to experience Amazing Grace years before. 

Wishing you Love, Grace and the knowledge that you have more than enough love available to you in your life to give to yourself and others. 

After you listen to the meditation, make a list of all the people, places, foods, and things you love in your life to get present to all your blessings.

And please share this with anyone who could use some love and light.💖

You are more blessed than you know.

So much love!


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful meditation Lara💕💜

    1. so glad you enjoyed it!

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