How to Use The Energy of The New Moon to Repair The Most Important Relationship in Your Life



Wednesday, a New Moon appeared in the sky bringing with it some harmonizing energy. 

I just noticed this shift yesterday, and don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to align more with your heart. 

From The AstroTwins:As the star sign ruling commitment and partnership, lovely Libra is gentle, harmonious and diplomatic. When the dark moon slips into this alluring domain, enjoy an extra helping of harmony and increased understanding in your most cherished relationships.

As I read this, I thought about the relationship I cherish the most–

My relationship with myself. 

It is the relationship that affects all my other relationships.

When I am out of balance and not honoring my heart, it affects my ability to be my best self for my son, my family, my clients, and my community. 

I am inviting you to use the energy of The Libra New Moon that is still present today to harmonize with your heart. 

Your emotions are the truest expression of who you are; they express what is in your heart. 

Yet, we so often ignore them.

Our society isn’t very comfortable with uncomfortable emotions.

Any upsetting emotion is a tender place to be, and it can become your Sweet Spot.

It’s through your emotions that you know whether or not something is or isn’t aligned with your heart.

In the exercise below, I show you how to comfortably acknowledge your feelings, release them and access the wisdom of your heart. 

You can find out more about how you can Learn Through Living this process in my Emotional Mastery Course.

I thought I would give you a small taste of it here.

When you honor your feelings, you are acknowledging you are worthy of your own attention, care and compassion.

When you feel worthy, you can feel more confidence in yourself and your ability to fulfill your dreams. 

In the Emotional Mastery Course you Learn Through Living…

You’ll learn my step-by-step process for transforming upset into inspired action. 

We’ll be reprogramming how you have automatically been reacting to stress your whole life! With simple, quick, and effective exercises throughout your day…

You can gain the ultimate authority over your emotional responses so you can finally have emotional relief.

The end result: A new way of living that provides you with more ease, relaxation, and joy! (Also, sleep. Because we could all use more sleep, right?)

In the FULL 6 Week Emotional Mastery Program you get:

  • 6 (15 minute) Video Training Modules released each week of the course: Explain how emotional patterns and limiting beliefs get formulated throughout your emotional development from infancy through adulthood and help you uncover why you react to stress and see yourself, your relationships and the world the way you do.
  • 12 Energy Exercises: Two weekly energy balancing exercises, a short morning and evening routine, help you physically release fear, anxiety, worry, grief, any upsetting emotion and empower you to feel greater ease, confidence and freedom.
  • 6 Emotional Guidance Worksheets: Help you understand and separate your reactions to your past from what’s happening now in your present, so you can consciously make choices which honor your heart’s desires for your future versus your reactions to your past.
  • 3 Q & A Livestreams: To answer your questions and coach you through successfully integrating the course’s tools and strategies.
  • Access to a members-only Private Community: Where Lara answers questions and you can learn from one another on her educational platform.


  • Lara’s Releasing Obsessive Emotions Guide with 1-minute exercises to release specific emotions like worry, fear, and self-doubt in minutes!
  • Lara’s Better Sleep Guide Complete with Exercises to calm your mind and body before bed so you get a more restive night’s sleep, complete with a chart with specific poses to help you get back to sleep at specific hours if you are prone to waking. 
  • Lara’s Inner Wisdom Chakra Meditation to help you access the intelligence and inner strength within you and give you the courage to overcome any obstacles.
  • Access to Lara’s Energy Hack Library with over 50 energy balancing exercises to help you calm overwhelm, boost your energy, protect yourself from negativity, balance your hormones and more!

You get all this for just $147 (or 3-payments of $57). I wanted to make this course as accessible as possible.

Don’t let another day go by where you say no to your own inner peace and love.

Click here to join Emotional Mastery and let’s move you into a life with greater ease, confidence, and freedom to pursue your deepest truths.

You deserve it and your happiness depends on it.

If you’ve got any questions, just hit reply and let me know. 

With love,


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