Mercury Retrograde, What You Need to Know and an Invitation to…



We have been in the pre-shadow phase since September 6th.

Maybe you have already been feeling the typical Mercury Retrograde effects but with an added twist?

Schedule shifting? A lot?!

Wanting to move forward and feeling almost pulled back?

EVERYTHING taking longer than it should!

Time warping?

Technical glitches?

This retrograde is likely to feel more intense than most, as there are five other planets retrograde at the moment.

The message from the Universe is to SLOOOW DOWWWNNN!

Events may occur that disrupt plans to help you focus on what your inner self is lacking or craving. When Mercury travels direct it helps us to think clearly, communicate, and source messages from the world around us. But in retrograde (Sept 26th-Oct 18th), its focus shifts to help us to source messages from the unseen realms and our inner world. Mercury traveling retrograde through air signs has created a theme around how we choose to communicate, express ourselves, and receive information.

The most important relationship you have in your life is with yourself.

If you get annoyed or frustrated during this time, be aware of what you want and what you do with your energy next.

There is an ancient saying, “As within, so without.

You get to choose how you want to feel moving forward or stay mucked up in reactivity.

In this class I will be showing you how to use any upset to help you access your subconscious desires.

Looking at how you feel about anything going wrong can help you make changes that feel oh so right!

The theme of this BBB (Mercury) Masterclass is:

How to Provide Yourself with Emotional Security and Effectively Use Any Upset to Fuel Growth

In this Masterclass you will: 

  • Experience how to become more aware of your feelings and to release troubling emotions like fear, worry, grief, and anger in minutes.
  • Look at a new way to work with your upsets that can help you change your life for the better 😉 
  • Get inspired as you work through emotional blocks with me and 2-3 people I coach LIVE on the call! 

A week prior to the class, you will receive a short questionnaire in which you can share your requests for coaching and put your hat in the ring to be coached LIVE on the call.

I take all your requests into consideration when designing the energy exercises we do in class.

Click here to sign up for the Big, Beautiful Breakthrough (Mercury) Masterclass on September 29th from 8:00 – 9:30 pm EST!

To help you more easily navigate this pre-Mercury Retrograde Energy prior the Masterclass:

#1 Be sure all your choices are in alignment with your heart.

Let your body be your guide; check in with it. Scan your throat, neck, stomach, and back for tightness. If your throat feels constricted, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you may not be expressing something important. If your stomach or gut feels tense, you may not be honoring something you want by making this decision.

Don’t make a decision just because you are feeling pressured. Make sure it truly feels right. Rushing into something that doesn’t feel right just to avoid pressure doesn’t make sense, especially during Mercury Retrograde when you could pay dearly for a bad decision.

#2 Be conscious of what and how you are communicating. 

During this time, communication tends to go awry. So take the extra time to be clear, reiterate, follow up, and don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t hear back from someone. And, be aware that others may be more frustrated than usual, so give yourself some time to think through your responses, and see where another person is coming from before you react. Think about what actions and words best convey what you want from a big picture standpoint versus what you feel in the moment. Speak from your heart with love versus lack. 


Mental clarity tends to be off as well. Awareness is 75% so as long as you proceed with caution, you will be fine. Sending deadlines and appointment reminders to others is a great idea, too! Backing up files will save you a lot of grief if Mercury affects your technology. Also, think about what systems could make your life easier with technology.

#4 Try to stay open, easy, and compassionate.

People tend to express their viewpoints with greater passion during this time, and get attached to “being right.” Being prepared to stay open to new ideas and possibilities may save you angst, annoyance, and frustration and also provide you with new opportunities or ways of looking at your world.

When you pay closer attention to how you are feeling during this time, your emotions can show you what you want in interesting, though sometimes, unsettling ways.

What you pay attention to grows.

To help you use your emotions to fuel growth during this time, I hope you join me for my next Big Beautiful Breakthrough (Mercury) Masterclass on September 29th from 8:00-9:30 pm EST!

Much love and beauty,


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