Energy Reset: How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos



How do you navigate the storm? 

You choose to live from within it today.

Lee Harris

We cannot change what is happening in the world, but we do have the power to make choices which help our hearts feel more alive in the midst of all the chaos.

The good news, a lot of people are becoming more aware. The “Great Resignation” is proof of this.  

Many are rethinking what work means to them, how they are valued, and how they spend their time. It’s leading to a dramatic increase in resignations — a record 4 million people quit their jobs in April alone, according to the Labor Department.

While the Pandemic has caused widespread pain and upset, it is also causing many of us to live more from our hearts, and to turn our attention toward what matters.

Think about it, in what ways have you changed your life for the better? 

How have you become better, happier, felt more alive?

As a global society we are moving through a massive shift in consciousness. 

We are changing the way we think about everything.

Life as we knew it no longer exists.

Our normal or our “new normal “is no longer normal.

And, this disruption from the familiar is causing many people to try to find order and control by clinging to absolutes with unwavering commitment to what they define as good or bad.

There are differences of opinion on different TV stations about what we “should be doing,” people reaching for certainty in an uncertain world.

Which approach will bring you more peace, love, and joy? 

Some people are navigating all this change from their hearts and others from their heads. 

Can your daily goal be peace internally no matter what is happening externally? 

You can better navigate the storm by seeking what helps you feel more alive within it! 

Making choices for yourself which give you peace creates calm in the eye of any storm.

There are always going to be storms.

The only thing we can count on is change – we can count on uncertainty.

The real question becomes:

“Can you be ok no matter what storms might rage?”

You can feel a sense of peace, joy, beauty and love within the chaos.

You probably already have this past year.

You can better navigate the storm by seeking what helps you feel more alive within it! 

So if you feel yourself beginning to be pulled down by bad news, maybe BEFORE you feel yourself getting pulled down by bad news, on a daily basis, can you give yourself peace, joy, beauty, and love? 

The exercise in the video below can help you open specific energy circuits which enable you to access peace, joy, beauty and love more easily, even amidst chaos. The more you practice feeling these feelings, the easier it becomes to notice and attract situations which support these states of being.

Receive the Exercise Resource Sheet with pictures and descriptions of each exercise, so you can choose the emotion you want to embody and manifest it in just a few minutes each morning.

Please share this with whoever you believe might benefit:

Much love!


8 Replies to “Energy Reset: How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos”

  1. Hi Lara. I’ve always loved your work (from 1st soul camp ions ago till now). And… am curious to techniques specific to folks with generalized anxiety disorders… Most can’t even recall experiences of “feeling free” or ” calm” or even recall how peace feels like or last time (even one time) they felt grace….. Nine gamut seemed to help them release some of the massive anxiety symptoms, but am at a loss with a few folks I’m trying to support…

    1. The exercise in this blog helps move emotional energy through the meridian points. And it acknowledges how you feel I’m the moment and the desire for more grounding and clarity:

      This would be a good one to try. Let me know how this goes.

      I do have a generalized anxiety protocol which I plan to do a blog on in the next month or so. So, stay tuned for that as well.

      Much love!

  2. Thank you for this Lara. I feel calmer, more connected with myself. Aligned.

    1. I’m so happy to hear this!

  3. Thank you Lara. As always your blogs come at the perfect time. I’ve had loved ones get breakthrough
    infections, last month and our infection rates are high in my state. My mother was just diagnosed with uterine cancer at 82. This work was so helpful in helping me refocus my energy. I feel so much better and centered in the midst of all the uncertainty. I am passing this on to my friends.
    Much gratitude for this gift.

    1. Aw,Yvonne–so glad that the work is helping. Hope you can stay grounded in such an uncertain time.

  4. Thank you Lara. I just want to add that I have been doing this exercise almost daily lately depending on what upheaval presents itself. This helps me so much to be calm and at peace. I truly needed this.
    Many thanks,

    1. So glad to hear this!

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