How She Fell in Love While Social Distancing



As the Pandemic rolls on and we are facing more strict quarantine rules, these questions have been coming up for a lot of my single clients:

How am I going to meet somebody in Quarantine?

Is another year going to go by before I am able to date again?

I hate online dating, is it even possible to meet someone online, let alone have a Zoom relationship until we can meet in person again?

Yes! You can find love during Covid times and being socially distanced can actually help you. 

Don’t believe me?

Listen to this story.

One of my clients had an exciting life traveling all over the world as an executive consultant and coach. She loved her job, but it left little time for dating. As she was contemplating retirement, she wanted to focus on meeting someone with whom she could enjoy her life, travel, and have more fun. 

After months and months of looking online and finding few men to whom she was attracted, she finally met someone amazing!

They went on a couple dates, then everything shut down, and they were forced to stay apart.

How could she be so close to finding the right guy and yet so far, literally distanced, from having a relationship with him?!

In our session, I immediately assured her nothing was lost here. In fact, Covid-19 just might be the best thing to ever happen to this relationship!

Covid gave her the space and time to process what she was feeling at each stage of their courtship and reprogram the limiting beliefs she had about herself and men in the process.

She was worried about how they could continue. And feeling anxious that they might lose touch because he is a doctor and was inundated with work navigating how to run his hospital department safely during this time.

When we dug into her anxiety about the situation, we found she was being critical of herself and of him, focusing on what she might have done wrong or how he was being neglectful.

Looking at the mistakes one makes in order to learn from them can be useful. But, in this case, no one was at fault.

We released her criticism with an essential oil exercise, then focused on what the relationship needed at this point to continue.


Years ago, when I was single, I took a great class created by Allison Armstrong about understanding men. After interviewing thousands of men, she found what men are looking for at the start of a relationship is LOVE, SEX and MAGIC!

In the beginning of relationships, most men don’t want heavy interactions. They want to be taken away from their own lives, which consist mainly of work, and experience what they are missing–LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC! 

A big part of my work is helping my clients discover their value in their relationships and identifying and celebrating their LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC.

When you get present to all you have to love about yourself and your life, you can attract someone who loves you and is excited to share your magic with you.

So, I ask you the same questions, I asked my client:

1. What do you love about your life? What are some things you love to do that you could share? 

Becoming aware of all the wonderful things you have going for you in your life helps you feel your value and realize you are a catch! These can be simple pleasures like your favorite foods, wines, TV shows, movies, exercises to sunsets, travel, or your life’s passions.

2. What makes you feel sexy? 

In the beginning, it’s not wise to have sex too soon. A man may lose interest because he hasn’t gotten to know all the other ways you embody love, sex, and magic. So–what can you do or wear that makes you feel sexy? Maybe a favorite lipstick? Sexy lingerie? Maybe dancing to a favorite sexy song? How can you embody your own sensuality?

3. What do you think is magical? How can you share your magic? 

What touches moves and inspires you? What has the magical power to lift your spirits? What has magically changed your life? For my client this was film, theater, travel, and personal growth. 

 After we discussed her LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC, we identified fun ways she could embody these qualities in her life and share them on her online dates!

Her homework was:

  • To dance to her favorite, sexy song daily:
    Pretty Woman (The Theme song from the movie Pretty Woman!) This brought some more sexy energy into her life.
  • To pay attention to things she loves about her life and that inspire her and give them to herself every day, consciously acknowledging the love and magic she has in her life! 
  • AND, to propose some online date plans so she could share her LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC with him 😉

They had some very fun, emotionally intimate, and sexy Zoom dates together as a result!

  •  One of the dates she proposed was taking The Love Languages Quiz and sharing how they enjoyed giving and receiving affection. He loved it!
  • One of the dates he proposed was taking each other on a photo trip through their favorite place in the world! So fun!

This love story began at the start of Quarantine and I am excited to announce, they are in love and enjoying each other in safe ways still. Via testing and smart quarantining, they have been able to be together. 

The gift of Covid was being able to have the time and space to get to know each other and discover their LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC without pressure to push the relationship forward as they really got to know one another. 

If you would like to Awaken your LOVE, SEX, and MAGIC and clear any of your own blocks to love, I have an invitation for you.

Right now, we are living through an unprecedented time in history.

The Pandemic has accelerated change. Our predictable routines and patterns have been completely disrupted. The Universe is giving us space to reflect, feel, make different choices and attract new things into our lives we never before thought possible!

What you pay attention to during this time of change, will grow. You can have anything you want if you believe it is possible. And this is where I want to support you more.

I am curating a group of like-minded, open hearted, growth driven believers to be a part of a Manifesting Mastermind Coaching Group.

The group will consist of only 8 women. My focus will be on helping you break old unhelpful patterns and to use the power present inside you (Your LOVE, SEX AND MAGIC) and this tremendous time of change to get into manifesting mode!

If you’re feeling *this close* to reaching your goals…

And want to figure out what’s holding you back…

This could be the most important time of your life. Quarantine helped my client nurture love in her life. I would love to see how I could help you to use this time to fulfill your dreams!

With the right support around you, through the eyes of others, you can begin to recognize your value and pure potential.

The commitment is for three months with a chance to renew after three months if the group is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the group.

I am asking you to fill out a short application and muscle testing to make sure the personalities in the group jive well together.

I’ve put together a short video explaining my process on this page.

Note: This isn’t for everyone. It’s all about fit and timing.

If you are ready to have what you have wanted, you can apply here.

Spots are limited.

The first Manifesting Meeting is the week of December 15th.

Cheers to your dreams coming true!


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