Are you addicted to certainty?



Feeling more anxious or worried lately not knowing how the next few months will pan out?

Do you get thrown off emotionally, feel more anxious, agitated, or frustrated when your day doesn’t go as planned? 

Do you look at your phone first thing when you wake up? 

Do you feel the need to watch or read more than a half hour of news a day to know what is happening in the world? 

Do you feel the need to get other people’s opinions before making decisions? 

Do you have trouble relaxing or sleeping? 

Do you feel insecure or uneasy without a plan?

While life pre-Covid felt more certain. It was an illusion. 

The truth about life is that it IS inherently uncertain. 

Change is the only constant in our lives. 

Our cells change and re-form minute to minute, day to day. 

Movement is always happening. Change spurs growth. 

Yet, we feel more comfortable when things stay relatively the same. 

Why? It feels safer that way.

Right now, the hard truth is that we have no idea how the next few months will go, and it’s putting a lot of people on edge.

One thing I do know for sure–no number of hours of watching the news is going to help you figure it out. In fact, that will probably only cause more anxiety.

Talking to friends who also don’t know what is going to happen may leave you with more questions.

The place you will find certainty is not outside of yourself.

The place you can always find certainty is inside you, in your own heart.

Right now, your heart is the best place to look for safety and comfort.

Your heart knows the best way for you in every moment.

And communicating with your heart often is the best way to navigate these uncertain times and to make decisions that you are less likely to regret in the future.

All you have to do is pause, put one hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexus (your identity center) ask your question, then listen for the answer.

Get a dialogue going, so it gets easier to understand your heart’s language.

  • When you’re considering what you would like to eat, ask your heart. What would feel healthy, delicious and satisfying?
  • When you’re considering what you want to do for exercise, ask your heart. What would give me energy?
  • When you’re considering what shows, you’d like to watch on TV (besides the news), ask your heart. What would inspire me?
  • When you are considering what actions feel safe navigating your life and following Covid protective protocols, look at the facts, then ask your heart. How can I feel most secure?
  • When you’re considering how to navigate work or career questions through the pandemic, ask your heart. What would feel good and provide me with a healthy income? 
  • If you are contemplating moving as working remotely has opened up new options, ask your heart. Go stand in a potential new home and ask your heart how it feels. Would I be happier here?

Ask your heart how it feels about everything, all day long. 

– Rumi

So much love, 


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