Cosmic Energy Reset: Mercury Retrograde



Mercury is retrograde since Tuesday and you may have been feeling the effects as early as last week. 

Feeling more agitated than usual?

Having trouble sleeping? Waking between 3-5am? 

Finding yourself feeling more overwhelmed this week?

If so, your central nervous system may be a bit overstimulated by the electromagnet shifts associated with this retrograde. 

I never put much stock in astrology until I witnessed the same imbalances in the majority of my clients and correlated this with astrological events, like Mercury Retrograde.

This week, my clients, my new Baby James, and me were experiencing central nervous system agitation. 

In the video below, I take you through an exercise that calmed us all and a meditation to help you benefit from the particular energy of this current retrograde. 

I suggest doing this before bed if you are having trouble sleeping and when you wake up if you have been feeling off emotionally.

Mercury is retrograde in the water sign of Scorpio and ends in the air sign of Libra on November 3rd, 2020–yes, on Election Day in the U.S.

Balancing your energies during this time can help you not only stay more grounded as emotions heighten around the election but also help you direct your intentions and energies toward what you want to manifest for yourself and the world.

What you pay attention to and give energy to grows. So, focused attention on what you want to manifest versus what you don’t is important right now.

“Mercury Retrograde in a water sign allows us to shift out of our mind and into the voice of our heart. We are able to listen to our intuition and receive insights that we may have otherwise missed.
Mercury retrograde is always a time of turning within, but under the presence of a water sign, it adds a more spiritual, creative, and intuitive tone.
By now, most of us are familiar with what Mercury Retrograde can bring. It tends to slow down the energy of the outside world, forcing us to slow down too.
We may find we are faced with delays, setbacks, or even miscommunications.”

The meditation in the exercise above is designed to help you calm your nerves and access the wisdom of your heart. It would be helpful to do this daily during this potentially confusing time. 

It can help you remember, whenever you are faced with an upsetting situation or setback, to listen to your heart, not your head. Making choices which are aligned with your heart will make you less prone to regret. 

Another significant factor of this retrograde is that Mars will be retrograde at the same time. 

“Both Mars and Mercury retrograde together, may cause a feeling of sluggishness and increased confusion. We may wish to move forward (Mars) but feel confused on what steps to take (Mercury).
Mars rules over our ability to take action, whereas Mercury rules over our mind. We may find these two dynamics of our being out of sorts or not as easy to get along.
If our actions have been out of alignment with our thoughts, we may also notice these retrogrades stirring things up, in the hopes that we may make some adjustments.
As Mercury rules over communication, and Mars can make us more prone to saying something aggressive or heated, we may have to tread carefully and find a balance between sharing our opinion and censoring ourselves.”

Again, listening to your heart and satisfying its desires can help you more gracefully navigate these opposing energies.

Take some time each day to do the exercise and meditation above, so you can act from a place of love instead of lack and take the time you need to be sure in your heart of the next best choices for you and for our world.

This is an unprecedented time in history.

The Pandemic has accelerated change. Our predictable routines and patterns have been completely disrupted.

A lot of what we have known to be true no longer exists.

With all the change that is happening right now, there is a huge opportunity to grow beyond old limitations for us personally and for our society to re-write old norms and to become more balanced, fair, and unified over time.

Right now, opposing sides are energized around blaming the opposition. 

Just imagine what our world could be like if everyone acted from a place of love and a desire for creating unity versus lack, from the heart versus the ego/head. This can start with us. ️

I hope the exercise above helps you connect to the wisdom and power of your heart. Please share this if it resonates with you!

Much love,


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  1. Thank you so much Lara. Yes I have been feeling the effects and anxieties with the upcoming election. I try to direct my focus on my home and my pets as this is where I feel more centered. This meditation is and will be particularly helpful on those early mornings when I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.

  2. I was reading some of your blog posts on this website and I think this site is real instructive! Keep on putting up. Bess Harry Amii

    1. Thank you so much!

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